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Are You Ruining Your Leggings?

I’m sure by now all of us own at least one pair of leggings, whether they are for working out or to lounge around in. A few of you might even own leggings that cost upwards of $100. What if I told you that you are probably ruining your leggings and making them have a shorter lifespan. I don’t know about you but if I buy quality leggings I want/need them to last as long as possible.

First thing is first, you need to wash your leggings in cold water. Not only is using cold water better for the environment, the cold water is less harsh on the leggings material. Next is the main takeaway from this article. Did you know you’re NOT supposed to dry your leggings?!?! Thinking about it now seems like it’s obvious but it really isn’t. After I found this out, I told all of my friends and both my sisters and they all thought I was crazy, but it’s true! To keep the elasticity and shape of your leggings you need to air dry them, preferably lay them flat to dry but if that is not possibly just hang them to dry. Another consequence of drying your leggings? The fabric of your leggings will become weaker every time you dry them meaning they are bound to become see through over time (which is something none of us want). Please take this piece of advice to heart and stop drying your leggings, you want your favorite leggings to last forever, don’t you?


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