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5 Reasons Why You Should Become a VS PINK Campus Rep

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CSU chapter.

As the end of the year comes rolling in, applications and deadlines quickly start approaching everywhere from phone screens to ads on campus. Get a summer job here, sign a lease over there, it’s almost as if you’re signing the next year of your life away. With all the commotion and confusion of what you want for yourself next school year, consider being apart of one of the coolest girl gangs on campus (besides Her Campus, duh!).

Here at CSU, we are part of an awesome program called the PINK Campus Rep Program which they describe as an opportunity to “Take your obsession with PINK to the next level! Become a PINK Campus Rep and get an inside look at one the coolest collegiate brands while you build your resume and bring PINK to your campus.” From holding events on campus to scoring freebies and managing a team, PINK Campus Reps are your go-to girl for everything VS PINK!

Each school has two representatives and a team of 10 girls to help them spread the word on campus about the latest deals and products coming in stores near them. You get first-hand experience on being a social media influencer, getting real world career experiences, influencing PINK product design and branding, and empowering women on your campus!


Here the awesome perks and experiences you can get if you decide to become a PINK Campus Rep!


1. All-paid trip to Columbus, OH

Yup, you heard it here. A round trip to and from VS PINK Headquarters in Ohio with all expenses graciously paid by the company! This three day trip is a specialized brand training, just for PINK Campus Reps across the country. Not only do you get to learn the ins and out of being a rep, but they guarantee a great time with awesome parties and freebies, as well!

2. VS PINK Incentive Trips

With all of the Reps holding great events all over the nation (and Canada, too!), they recognize the girls who went above and beyond! This includes recognition in their awesome efforts and the exclusive opportunity to be flown around the US to promote and be acknowledged of their awesome #GRLPOWER.

3. Awesome freebies

If you’re going to be a social media influencer, you’re going to have to get swag to rep it! VS PINK ensures all reps have everything they need to show campus what they’re made of. From the newest skincare products to being in a wear test, Campus Reps get the inside and love from the newest branding/products hitting the shelves before you know it!


4. Friends, Friends, and Friends!

Becoming a PINK Rep, you are guaranteed a best friend in the making. Your co-rep is going to be your right-hand girl and you both will be experiencing one of the most amazing experiences together! And don’t forget about the team that you and your co-rep choose to make those VS PINK plans a reality. Your team of girls are your own personal girl gang. They’re more than a team and you’re more than a rep, you are women empowering other women on campus!


5. First Hand Experience with Marketing, Managing, and Representing

With such awesome experiences and perks, it’s best to understand that this awesome role takes time and effort. All in all, this position can take around 10 hours a week, but it is all on your own time and you are able to dictate how much you put into it! Putting in the hard work and time to learn how to market to your student body (via social media or more) and managing a group of girls is an opportunity that takes hard work and dedication. To get that first hand experience, it is important to realize that your #GRLPOWER is your best tool in being a VS PINK Campus Rep.


Being a VS PINK Campus Rep has provided a world of opportunities and brought out traits of leadership that I never saw in myself. It expanded my horizons and has made me fall in love with the brand all over again. If you want to be apart of the change on campus and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, I wouldn’t even hesitate to apply for one of the best groups on campus!


If you’re interested in applying, make a PINK Nation account and check out the VS PINK Website here: https://pink.victoriassecret.com/pink-campus-reps


Hi, my name is Karony (Care-uh-knee)! I am a second year HDFS student at Colorado State University and I love being involved on campus. You'll probably find me working VS PINK events on campus or fundraising for Camp Kesem. Check me out on Instagram: @AmatoDaVoi