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21 Things I’ve Learned Since Turning 21

                                                                                                   21 Things I’ve Learned Since Turning 21



I’ve been 21 for two months now and the amount of times I’ve wanted to vomit is insane. Here’s a list of 21 things I’ve learned since finally being old enough to do all the things I’ve been doing since I was 14 (sorry mom).


1.     You are in control of your own night

Whether you go out at midnight or the next night, you are 100% in control of your own birthday. Be smart, drink lots of water throughout the night, and learn when to say no.

2.     Water is your best friend

I can NOT stress this enough, drink lots and lots of water. For every drink, drink a glass of water. You’ll thank yourself the next morning when you wake up hydrated.

3.     Learn your limit

If you’re 5’4” and weigh 110 pounds, taking shots all night probably isn’t your best option. Learn how much you can drink before you start getting to drunk. Blacking out every week isn’t adorable, not to mention safe.

4.     Learn to say no

Whether it’s to birthday shots, going home with a boy (or girl), or staying in learn to say no. You’re 21 now, don’t waste your time doing things you don’t want to do. Saying no is an important lesson to learn, don’t forget how to when you turn 21.

5.     You’ll love showing the bouncer (or anyone) your ID

Everywhere I go when they ask to see an ID, I whip it out with pride and a huge smile. It’s exciting turning 21 and being able to finally have a horizontal ID. Plus, it’s a good feeling when you look AMAZING in your ID photo.

6.     You’re going to vomit…like a lot

I l earned this one the hard way. Vomiting is your bodies way of telling you that you fucked up. It’s okay, it happens to all of us, but learn when to stop drinking to avoid vomiting.

7.     Sugary drinks are pretty, but you won’t be pretty the next morning

They may taste good in the moment, but sugary drinks are a recipe for a massive hangover.

8.     Bring cash when hitting the bars

Most bars have a card minimum, so whether you wanted to or not, you’re getting more than one drink. Bringing cash will not only help you avoid that, but save you money (you can only spend as much as you bring).

9.     Drinking is expensive

Speaking of money, alcohol is expensive, like really expensive. When I went to Vegas I spent $150 on three drinks. Take advantage of the pregame to avoid spending too much at the bars.

10.  Hangovers makes you want to die

I l earned this one the hard way too. When you drink in high school, you wake up and feel amazing. When you drink after turning 21, you want to quit life for a few weeks till recover. Drink water & eat food before going out to help ease that hangover.

11.  It’s not all about drinking

One of the highlights of turning 21 is obviously alcohol, but it’s not the only thing that matters. You’re an adult now, enjoy it.

12.  Pretending to like drinks is a waste of time and money

If you don’t beer or shots, don’t bother with them. You’ll be wasting your money and gagging the night away. Learn what you like & don’t let someone buy you something you won’t enjoy.

13.  Bar bathrooms are gross

I don’t know why I had any expectations for a bar bathroom, but I did and was disappointed. Go in with very low standards and you won’t be disappointed.

14.  Don’t take drinks from strangers

We all learned this (or I hope) when we were younger, but don’t take things from strangers unless you watched it being made. Be safe ladies and gents, not everyone has good intentions.

15.  You’ll have to wait in line

Sorry girls, but you too. Nobody cares how many likes you get on Instagram or who you are, you’ll still have to wait in line. If it’s cold, bring a jacket!

16.  Tip your bartender

I don’t care if you’re in college, if you can afford a $10 beer, you can afford to tip the bartender who has to deal with you and hundreds of other college students.  

17.  Puking in an Uber is $200

Thankfully I haven’t personally experienced this, but puking in a Uber will cost you a hefty fine. Ask to pull over if you need to hurl & save yourself some money

18.  You can drink without getting trashed

Luckily, I learned this one pretty fast. It’s fun getting drunk with all your friends at the bars, but it’s also nice to have one drink and go to bed.

19.  Wear comfy shoes

Your shoes might be cute, but if they aren’t comfortable leave them at home. Drinking and uncomfortable shoes do not make for the best evening.

20.  It’s okay to ask for help

If you don’t feel good and think you need help, ASK. There is no shame in realizing you may have drank too much and want to sober up.

21.  Don’t drink & drive

This one should be a given, but DO NOT drink and drive. Drinking and driving not only puts others’ lives at risk, but you’re putting your own life at risk too. If you or someone else has to question whether you can drive or not, it’s best to find another way. It’s not cute to drive drunk and you definitely won’t look cute in jail either. It’s not worth it so ask a friend for a ride or use Uber/Lyft.  (*Note I have NEVER nor will I EVER drink and drive)



At the end of the day, you’re 21 and can finally legally drink. Hopefully these 21 tips help you through your first few months of being a real adult!! When going out, be smart, drink water, and don’t forget to have fun!

Becca is currently a senior studying apparel & merchandising with a business administration minor at Colorado State. She loves sustainable fashion and discovering new ethical brands. Becca is a Target soccer mom at heart who is obsessed with tacos. This year Becca is one of the CSU Fashion Show directors. When not busy with school, work, or extra curricular activities, you can find her loving on her dog (Corona), hanging out with family & friends, sleeping, or at the local Target (OBVI).
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