Top 10 Fall '19 Fashion Trends

With fall slowly approaching, here are some top fashion trends we should all be able to afford and have in our closets.


  1. The Tiny Bag

Nordstorm: $35.00-$40.00 (Photo courtesy of




2) One shoulder blouse H&M: $14.99 (Photo courtesy of H&




3) French over the top shoulder blousesPrettylittlething: $35.00 (Photo courtesy of


4) Straight Leg jeans H&M: $39.99 (Photo courtesy of H&

5) Loafers Target: $22.99 (Photo courtesy of





6) Oversize turtle neck Prettylittlething: $45.00 (Photo courtesy of


7) Teddy Bear Bomber Prettylittlething: $80.00 (Photo courtesy of



8) Vintage CardiganUrban Outfitters: $49.00 (Photo courtesy of



9) Bucket Hat Urban Outfitters: $19.00 ( Photo courtesy of


10) Hair Clippers Forever 21: $4.99 (Photo courtesy of