Someone Peed on Me in Vegas?!

Before we talk about the urination story, let’s talk about the event overall. It could have gone worse, considering this is their first hip hop festival in Las Vegas, Nevada,  but it also could have gone way better. *Shrugs* 


Goldenvoice, the same organization who hosts Coachella, failed to provide a musical festival necessity: a properly structured sound stage. The smallest stage where Summer Walker, Isaiah Rashad, Madeintyo, Megan thee Stallion, Playboi Carti, and many more known and upcoming artists was positioned is a spot where most of the audience could not hear the artists’ voices. This prompted difficulty for the audience to engage, decreasing the levels of energy needed for the artist to perform an exceptional set. Summer Walker even walked off stage because she was so frustrated and anxious that no one could hear her. Some artists, who believed the show must go on, lip synced their entire set so that they could be heard. 

Thankfully, the two other stages were properly positioned and displayed exceptional sound, in most cases. Performances from Tyler, the Creator, Juice Wrld, Migos, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole kept the crowd hyped and singing along to their latest and old hits. 

Now, to my urination story. The bathroom situation was beyond unorganized! The main bathrooms took at least 30 minutes to reach the toilet, and by the time I got to one, toilet paper was nowhere to be found or the toilet was just not presentable. Many festival goers resorted to the porta potties, which definitely weren’t replaced during the 3-day event. Yes it is a festival, but have some type of standard or get more employees to help with this situation.

It is likely noted in everyone’s head that bathrooms are no longer an option, and most especially to this guy. As my group is gigging to Migos, suddenly I feel a wet warmth. Everyone is intoxicated or on some type of drug, so I assumed someone spilled their drink on me. However, the velocity that the fluid was coming at me was way too strong. That’s when I decided to look back and there he was: junk whipped out, peeing on my leg. 

I’m not the type to hold back my anger and not say what’s on my mind, but I was just in shock. Lost for words at the fact that someone did something so savage and dehumanizing! By the time my friends and boyfriend pressed the guy for doing the dirty on my leg, he denied and denied. At that point, I started doubting myself and what I saw, but after reflecting back at that moment, he for sure peed on me. Ugh! The guy was most likely intoxicated, but it’s impossible that he doesn’t remember what he did. A week later I’m in awe about the situation and I’ll forever think about the pee guy when I listen to Migos, so that sucks. 

To end on a positive note, I want to touch upon a self affirmation because in every situation, I try to look for the underlying lesson to learn from. Reflecting back to this encounter, I wish I had stood up for myself immediately and didn’t doubt what I saw. It’s easy for someone’s responses or actions to cloud your very own judgement , so believe in yourself first. Always! Trust your gut and intuition, it’s pretty much always right.