A Day to Spend with Family or a Friend

February is here and many positive attributes come along with it. February is the month that features two of my favorite holidays, my birthday and Valentine’s Day. I was born on the 13th of February so I have always been gifted bears and items in the shape of a heart. This is the month that couples give each other flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, and jewels. In this short month many romantic movies are shown on television and released in the theatre. Throughout our lives we are shown a variation of fairy tales and stories based upon a word that we all have heard ,yet many have difficulty defining. This mystical word is called love. 

I have heard the word love throughout my life and still truly do not know what it is exactly. It is one of the most intriguing combinations of what seem to be four simple letters. My question is how do you know you are in love? Is there a model of it somewhere that we are expected to compare to our relationships? What are the rules of love and can anyone participate in it? For me, this concept yields more questions than answers. I am 21 years old, should I have already fallen in love? I’m in love with the concept of love. But how am I so intrigued by something I cannot comprehend? 

What I do know is that this time of year can be very lonely for some. People get discouraged because they have nobody to spend this holiday with. What do you do when the physical and cyber world are filled with couples? How do you show appreciation to those you care about during this special holiday? Continue to be unapologetically you and realize that you are great. It is easy to get discouraged when you are alone, but it is the perfect time to bond with friends. 

This is the perfect time for you and your girl gang to get creative. This is a joyous time because it is the time to appreciate yourself and your friends. You guys can go to the dollar tree and get cheap Valentine’s Day treats. Using these treats you can make each other cute and cost efficient baskets. Write notes of appreciation to each other. Watch your favorite throwback movies together. Write poetry and envision your dreams. Laugh, catch up on life, and give each other advice. No matter what day in the year it is you always have your friends or family to support you. Show them that you appreciate that. Do not get discouraged searching for something that is a mystery to so many. Surround yourself with happiness and laughter this holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day!