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The App You Did Not Know You Needed

“You are important, you are intelligent, you can do anything! You are beautiful and you will be great!”

These are positive affirmations that many of us forget to tell ourselves. If we don’t remind ourselves of how great we are, then who will? We can’t depend on others to send us affirmations when we can do it on our own. A positive attitude is critical in our daily life because it gives us the strength to conquer challenges. You can ace that exam! You will complete that report! You will get through the day! Being told these things motivates me to excel in every task at hand. What if I told you there is a free app that sends you daily positive affirmations? That App is called Eternal Sunshine and it’s filled with tools to brighten up your day.

You must try this app because: 

1. There is a feature that will send you short prayers and affirmations

This is my favorite aspect of the app because sometimes we have rough days. Imagine you are having a rough day and your phone vibrates. The notification is a message of encouragement telling you to keep going. For example, today’s quote was: “When faced with adversity, we must be brave enough to choose peace, wise enough to choose love, and bold enough to choose happiness.” I love this quote because it gives me hope that the challenges that I face, will not last forever.

2. There is a tab for daily mantras that you can repeat to yourself

“No problem is bigger than my purpose. I will persevere and I will prosper.”

This mantra is just one of the ways the app reminds you that you are important. You will make your mark in this society. I generally say the mantras to myself right before bed. I do this because I want to go to bed feeling content. If I have positive words to say at the end of both good and bad days, I am giving myself a clean slate for the next day. 

3. There is also an essential wisdom section

 It gives you exemplary words regarding battles we face daily like love, beauty, and our healing hearts. 

This is my favorite section because I am going through my last semester of college. I have a 21 unit load and I work part-time. There are times when I would like to drop a class and lighten my load. I open the inspiration tab and have access to exactly what I need to hear. I can get access to motivation like “and when you become a diamond, you’ll see why life had to pressure you.” Instantly I have an attitude adjustment! I look at the pressure as a sign that my semester is coming to a conclusion. I begin to realize the harder it gets the closer I am. This is the section I utilize the most. I know there is a section that can help you the way this one helps me.

4. There are free inspirational talks and even morning mindfulness

Morning mindfulness is the perfect tool to help get your day started and to get you in the mental space to conquer your daily tasks. 

Most self-care and mindfulness apps often come with a price. But Eternal Sunshine is a free app! You should take advantage of its various assets. If you forget to tell yourself “I got this,” the app will do it for you. Do you need guidance to meditate? The app will guide you through meditation. If you feel like you do not need it, I encourage you to tell your friends and family to try it. We never know how much the people we love can benefit from being told to keep going. Just in case nobody told you today, I would like to remind you of a few things: You are important, you are intelligent, you can do anything, you are beautiful and you will be great! 


Tangala Guy

CSU East Bay '20

My name is Tangala Guy. I am a graduating communications student. I am from Stockton, CA. My goal is to use writing to empower and relate to other women.
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