Why I Chose Cornell

On Thursday at 5pm, 5,589 students were notified of their acceptance to Cornell. To celebrate the members of the class of 2021 who will be joining us in the fall, here is why current undergrads made the decision to attend Cornell.

“The founding principle of “any person any study” really resonated with me. I wanted to be at a school with people of diverse backgrounds and interests, and Cornell has really given me that. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new from the people I meet on this campus.”  - Steph H.

“Because my mom cried when I got accepted” - Morgan D.

“I chose Cornell because it is one of the top research institutions in the world, and I knew that I wanted to get involved with research. Cornell's motto "Any person...any study" also appealed to my variety of interests.” - Caleb C.

"I chose Cornell because I wanted to experience something new in a different coast, while still having the opportunity to explore different interests." - Shirley X.

“I chose Cornell because the moment I saw the campus I knew I wanted to be surrounded by gorges.” - Kamille G.

“I chose Cornell because of the vast opportunities available to students to not only get involved - but make a difference. Unlike the lack of individual attention at many other large universities, Cornell professors go above and beyond to help make the college experience perfectly catered to each student.” - Katie G.

“I chose to transfer to Cornell because I wanted a college atmosphere, collaborative environment, and I figured I'd probably never get to live in a place as beautiful as Ithaca ever again.” - Aditi M.