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Top 5 Street Style Trends from NYFW

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) may be finished for the 2017 calendar year, but the street styles seen on fashion’s greatest influencers gave us major inspo that will last us well into the next few months.

1. Shades of blue

Once known for its emphasis on warm, earthy colors, Fall 2017 is now embracing the cooler side of the season. Blues were seen almost everywhere on the streets, from velvet tailored suits to bright, kool-aid inspired hair.


2.  Red

Goodbye millennial pink, hello fiery red! This classic red has been popping up all over Instagram as of late, and NYFW street stars proved this color trend is here to stay for fall/winter.


3. White shoes

Whether opting for a full-on white monochromatic look or a more muted look with a simple statement piece, white shoes and boots are probably my favorite trend this season. White shoes are extremely versatile; they work with different personal styles and are the perfect item for day-to-night outfits.

4. Oversized blazers

Blazers will always be a classic piece in anyone’s closet, no question. However this season, we’ve seen them evolve from form-fitting and uptight to a slouchier, longer look. The blazer of 2017 is shouldered, bold and the star of attention in an outfit.


5. Maximalism

A stark contrast from the ever-popular minimalism from a few years back, maximalism has been embraced by fashion designers, bloggers and editorial staff everywhere. Maximalism is as much of a social movement as a fashion statement. The fashion of today is becoming more inclusive and self-expressive, as people are encouraged to mix patterns, materials and brands to create their own form of wearable art.

As seen at NYFW this past week, almost anything goes nowadays. Goodbye, fashion police!


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