Steph Hendarta '18

Name: Steph Hendarta

Year: 2018

Major: AEM

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Nickname(s): Steph (it’s short for Stephanie, fyi -- my parents weren’t and still aren’t cool enough to have given me a nickname as a first name), Tep (people back home don’t want to pronounce the “s” or the “ph” sound, so now I embrace it), Eyeliner (because you will most likely won’t ever see me without eyeliner, unless you sleepover at my place)

*How I feel without eyeliner on

What are you involved in?

Tour guides, Alpha Chi Omega, Dyson Inclusion & Diversity

Best part of Cornell: Being a part of a university where you truly get to see “any person, any study” come to life. Did you know that Cornell is home to one of the first work-study programs in the country? Granted, the program involved students lugging llenrocs up the slope to build McGraw, Morrill and White Hall, but still, pretty cool!

Favorite place to eat and what you get: Purity brunch, the almond strawberry french toast bake. I’ve had many fresh toast bakes in my life, and this one is pretty great.



Future plans: This seems like a loaded, very stressful question! It’s looking like 2 years of investment banking, and then hopefully a couple of years at a private equity or a cool food-related start-up. May open a bakery after retirement?

Spirit animal: Javan slow loris. Look at it. (Also while we’re on this subject, PSA that slow lorises are cute but highly endangered because of illegal animal trades)

The cheesiest pick-up line you’ve ever heard: I used to want to be a math major, but then I lost interest in numbers. All numbers except yours!

Best study spot on campus: Gates Hall. It’s all about that natural lighting.

How will you cope with Senioritis? Urgh don’t remind me that senioritis is just around the corner. I won’t cope with it - I’ll just embrace it. Senior year is probably a good time to go hit all of the brunch spots in Ithaca, right?

Thanks Steph, for making Cornell great!