Prelim Season as Told by Gilmore Girls

A month into school signals one thing - prelims. Luckily, Gilmore Girls understands your pain.

When you need to pull a week full of all-nighters and just can’t seem to stay awake.

When you’ve been procrastinating and have to do a month’s worth of readings in one day.


When you come home from classes but realize you have a night of studying ahead of you.

When you decide to wake up early the next morning to study instead of staying up late the night before.

When you realize there’s nothing you can do to save your failing grade.

When you’re trying to concentrate but realize you don’t understand anything.

When you stay in on the weekend to study and get extreme FOMO (fear of missing out).

When you start complaining about your workload and then start to list everything else wrong with your life.

When you consider dropping out of school and getting a random job instead.

But then you realize, no matter what happens, life goes on!