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How to Be Your Own Bae for Valentine’s Day

As February 14th approaches, everyone is getting ready for the (often dreaded) holiday: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending your day with a partner or enjoying it on your own, it’s important to love yourself. Here are some tips for showering yourself with love and affection this Valentine’s Day!


1) Do a face mask

Taking care of your skin is a great way to take care of yourself! For dry skin, pop on a sheet mask. For oily skin and blackheads, use a clay mask.

Buy these here.


2) Splurge on a new top

If you’re financially able, buy something cute that would make you feel happy. Clothes have the magical ability to make you feel happy, confident, and powerful. Take advantage of that!

Find this floral top at Forever 21.


3) Wear fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks are the perfect way to add a subtle element of coziness to your outfit. They’re also a great way to keep warm in freezing February!

Check out these foxy socks from Target.


4) Make a cup of tea

Personally, nothing feels more relaxing than sitting down with a cup of hot tea. St. Valentine was also the patron saint of bees, which is a great excuse to add something sweet to your tea!

Buy Teavana’s Peach Tranquility Tea.


5) Get some sleep

The best way to take care of yourself is to take care of your body. Whether you have late night plans or you’ll be at home in your pjs, set aside some time to grab a full night’s sleep.

Wear these cute Victoria’s Secret pajamas to bed.


6) Indulge in your favorite treat

If you’re a choco-holic like me, you’ll definitely be eyeing the displays of Valentine’s chocolates. Take this opportunity to buy yourself something that’s just as sweet as you.

Check out these Sugar Lips from Dylan’s Candy Bar.


7) Write yourself a Valentine

Take a moment to write down a few things that you love about yourself. It’s a great way to remind you, whether or not you have a bae, that you deserve only the best.

Find this card at Hallmark.


Don’t forget to love yourself! Happy Valentine’s Day.

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