HC Cornell Loves: Food Blogs!

Every week, HC Cornell will bring you a new list of some of our favorite websites and links in a certain category. This week’s category? Food blogs! There’s writing, there’s pictures, and there’s food. Where can you go wrong? Here are three of our favorites.

1. Joythebaker.com
Have you discovered this site yet? It’s my absolute favourite source of both recipes and life advice. Joy writes like a friend and cooks like a professional. Definitely worth checking out!

2. Dinneralovestory.com

Written by a mom who believes that dinner is the most important aspect of strong family ties, this site feels like reading a note from an aunt who sent me one of my grandmother’s recipes. It’s friendly, it’s fun, the recipes are doable (especially if you, like my roommates and I, have your own ‘family dinners’ occasionally, and the cookbook based off the site is amazing. Check it out!

3. Handletheheat.com
Written by a fellow college student, Handle the Heat combines baking and savory recipes to offer a nice mix of simple, easy to use recipes. The author has a new book about ice cream sandwiches coming out soon (!), but check out the site for a wider variety.

Got a suggestion for next week’s category? Let us know in the comments!