Fun Movies To Watch On Your Next Girls’ Night In

The early 2000s arguably have some of the best chick flicks to ever exist. Here are five movies for your next lazy night in that’ll fill you with all the nostalgia.

1. What A Girl Wants


What It’s About: High school senior Daphne travels to England to meet her dad for the first time. Not only did he not know she existed, it turns out he’s also a Lord and running for Prime Minister. The movie follows Daphne’s struggle to fit in with the posh, well-mannered life her dad is so used to.


Why You Should Watch: It has everything that makes an early 2000s movie iconic, including an evil stepsister, cute British love interest and lots of cliche dance montages.


2. Bring It On Again


What It’s About: New college freshman Whittier is ecstatic to join her school’s accomplished varsity cheer team. However, when she finds out the varsity cheer life isn’t all she imagined it to be, (read: the girls are totally snarky) she decides to form her own team, aptly called the Renegades, full of the school’s quirky outcasts. The movie follows the two teams as they compete against each other for the chance to go to Nationals.

Why You Should Watch: This is one of the more underrated Bring It On films. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but is full of the iconic components of every Bring It On movie. There are also fun 2000 references and comebacks that are sure to make you laugh.


3. The Perfect Man


What It’s About: Tired of constantly moving away after all of her mom’s bad breakups, teen Holly Hamilton decides to pose as her mom’s secret admirer, basing her mom’s “perfect man” after her friend’s Uncle Ben. But when her mom meets the real Uncle Ben, things start to get out of hand, and it’s up to Holly to fix it before her mom figures out what’s really going on.


Why You Should Watch: This movie features Hilary Duff during her golden years. It’s the perfect amount of heartfelt, cliche, and fun.


4. Just My Luck


What It’s About: After a weird turn of events and a kiss from a stranger at a party, Ashley discovers her usual good luck has been switched with the severely unlucky ways of Jake (the stranger from the party). The movie follows Ashley as she attempts to get her luck back, all while unknowingly falling for the one person who could ruin all of that.


Why You Should Watch: The movie is full of relatable dorky moments and shows Chris Pine and Lindsay Lohan at their bests. The relationship between Jake (Chris Pine’s character) and his little sister is also adorable.


5. First Daughter


What It’s About: This movie follows freshman Samantha Mackenzie’s adjustment to college life, which is hard for anyone but especially hard when you’re the president’s daughter. Sam not only has to deal with roommate problems and classwork but also her dad’s new campaign and the bodyguards constantly following her around.


Why You Should Watch: This movie is cute, light, and entertaining. It also has a major plot twist you won’t see coming.


Happy watching!