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Flash Question: Labor Day Edition

As hard working collegiettes, we understand the true meaning of Labor Day! Well, sort of. Most of us have never worked a full-time job, and if we did it was probably only during the summer. Labor, for many of us, is staying up all night finishing a paper that’s due the next day. But who am I to disregard the labor we do? As part of Her Campus Cornell’s new “Flash Question” of the week, here’s a glimpse of what some of your fellow Cornellians did over the long weekend.


What was the best thing you did over the long weekend?

“I got to go to the beach with my girlfriend, which was a lot of fun and a great break from the pressures of Cornell.” –Dustin, ‘13

“Kayaking with my family in the 1000 Islands. We have a house there and it’s great to get away.” – Carly, ‘13

“Honestly? I got to wear these awesome pink pants I brought back from my summer in Thailand. They look like something the genie from Aladdin would wear. I wore them to the movies and it made me really happy.” – Natalie, ‘14

“I went on a leadership ropes course with one of my clubs. Not sure how much I learned about leadership, but I learned a lot about my upper body strength (or lack thereof!)” –Sheila, ‘13

Amanda is a senior at Cornell University, where she studies Communication and Theatre. She just got back from a semester in London, where she studied theatre to her heart's content and was able to eat all sorts of wonderful food (her other major love- besides writing, of course!) Guilty pleasures include watching the Bachelorette alone on the couch. Regular pleasures include Her Campus, theatre, reading and obsessing over food blogs, and geeking out (see: Harry Potter.)
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