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Five Hygiene Products That Are Actually Not Recyclable

We use these hygiene products everyday and don’t realize how many of them are difficult or impossible to recycle! Keep reading to find out the products that may be contributing to landfills and what alternatives you may have to combat this.


1. Toothpaste Tubes

Toothpaste tubes are almost impossible to recycle because of their mixture of aluminum and plastic. However, Colgate is currently working on a recyclable toothpaste tube that should be ready in the near future.



2. Toothbrushes

On a similar note, plastic toothbrushes are also not recyclable and contribute to so much of our waste especially when you consider how often you swap out your toothbrush. Next time you replace your toothbrush, consider an alternative such as these affordable bamboo ones!


3. Cotton Rounds 

While cotton rounds, swabs, and any similar product can’t be recycled, you shouldn’t just toss them out. You can put them in with your compost!



4. Aeresol Cans

Most of the Aeresol cans that you use for air freshener, dry shampoo, and hair spray are not recyclable! Fortunately, brands such as Lush have dry shampoo and hairspray alternatives in recyclable containers.


5. Mascara Wands

Makeup items like mascara are questionable when it comes to how to dispose of them. But, before you reach for the trash can, consider donating your old wands to movements like Wands for Wildlife. This movement is through the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge and they use your old (and cleaned) mascara wands to remove fly larvae from wild animals.

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