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Five Fabulous Films For March

March is about the time the mid-semester slump hits. The rejuvenation afforded by Winter Break is all but gone, prelims lurk around every corner and summer seems just too far to see on the horizon. Fortunately, the beginning of Spring brings more than just St. Patrick’s Day, here come showers both of rain and of movies. Here are five silver-screen emeralds for the month of green:

The Endearing Machine: Chappie, March 6th

The archetype of humanity being destroyed by our own machinery has constantly been in the millennial Hollywood limelight—from iRobot to Bladerunner—we have shuttered at the inevitable foibles that will result from continued technological advancement. Chappie offers different insight into our future with robots. Crime is patrolled by a tyrannical police force, from which this young robot is stolen. He is given new programming and, much like a child, must learn how to become himself in this heartwarming coming of age production.

Fairytale With a Modern Flare: Cinderella, March 13th

I have qualms about the new Disney trend of taking classic tales and subjecting them to live-action retelling. I tend to think whimsical, over-done storylines should be relegated to dusty old books or haphazardly rendered cartoons. That said the use of special effects to make films like Maleficent, and now Cinderella, jump off of the screen possesses the power to keep the tales relevant for generations to come. While this film will be notably clichéd, it is perfect for the Sunday night quest down memory lane.

Next Installment of the Latest Teen Craze: Insurgent, March 20th

The second in Veronica Roth’s critically acclaimed series, Insurgent, stars the dynamic duo of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (who, it should be noted, are siblings in this film rather than lovers). A drama-packed saga, Beatrice Prior (Woodley) must confront her inner indecision and the darkness that rivets her futuristic society, while continually procuring allies to join her side. While this movie will likely fall into the category of being a box office gold mine in under eighteen demographic, it could prove an entertaining Friday night for all.

The Trend of Crime and Military: The Gunman, March 20th

In keeping with the recent upsurge in plotlines that examine various facets of military operations, Sean Penn and Javier Bardem star in the gripping new film: The Gunman. Penn’s character, a former Special Forces operative and contractor, tries to reunite with his longtime love interest but first he must trek from London to Barcelona in order to clear his name. Added into the mix, he continually battles his angst stemming from PTSD. Arguable, the most promising March movie, The Gunman offers mind-bending intensity and heart-wrenching pain of a character that may just be beyond the point of return.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Return: Serena, March 27th

Need I say more? Ever since this power couple dazzled us with Silver Linings Playbook, the world has been aware of their undeniable film chemistry. Serena is set in rural North Carolina, where the couple strives to build a logging empire. Lawrence plays the ruthless Serena who will cross any boundary to get ahead… even murder. The perfect combination of romance, underhandedness, suspense and action, this movie is sure to impress! 

I am a sophomore Communication major at Cornell University, with minors in Creative Writing and Law & Society. I was born and raised in California and, besides writing, I have interests in 4-H, law and film production. At Cornell, I serve on the Literature Review, am an avid member of Film Society, work as a Cornell Ambassador and participate in AWC (American Women in Communication). I am also the Campus Correspondent for Cornell's Her Campus chapter!!
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