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The F-Word Resounds

Campus is abuzz with a new campaign promoting feminism, dotingly referred to as the F-Word. Traditionally, feminism has had poor connotations. The vocabulary conjures images of what are actually known as “radical feminists”. In actuality, being a feminist simply means you believe women should be afforded equal rights and pay to their mail counterparts. However, in a country that supposedly embraces equality, the fight for women is both ongoing and integral.

The F-Word is a Feminist Majority Foundation affiliated, student-run group that strives to dismantle the stigma surrounding feminism and heighten the feminist presence on Cornell’s campus. Ultimately, this organization seeks to both provide and elicit voices to contribute towards public-engagement and policy change. Last week, they took to Ho Plaza and Mann Library to ask students to write a sentiment about feminism. Some phrases were funny, others touching, and some were depressing. It was, overall, wonderful to see the student body connect their the issue on multi-faceted levels.

Clearly, we have come a long way in reducing the gender-disparity present in society, in every aspect from social protections to workplace finances, however there is still a long way to go. The statistics are staggering and policy continually arises surrounding women’s issues. It is important that feminism is not seen as a hate crusade against men, rather the assertion that women deserve to be treated as equals. 

I am a sophomore Communication major at Cornell University, with minors in Creative Writing and Law & Society. I was born and raised in California and, besides writing, I have interests in 4-H, law and film production. At Cornell, I serve on the Literature Review, am an avid member of Film Society, work as a Cornell Ambassador and participate in AWC (American Women in Communication). I am also the Campus Correspondent for Cornell's Her Campus chapter!!
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