The Best Netflix Movies for Your Galentine’s Day Binge

If your February 14th is looking more like cuddling up on the couch in some pjs with your best friends, don’t worry! We’ve got your back! So grab some wine and some Ben & Jerry’s and get ready for a marathon! Here are some of the best Netflix rom-coms for your V-day night.


  1. If You Wanna Feel All the Feels...


You should watch: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


What it’s about: High school junior Lara Jean has the perfect process for whenever she wants to get over an all-consuming, can’t-get-him-out-of-her-head kind of crush. She writes him a letter and seals it away in her mother’s blue hatbox, never to be seen again. Then one day the letters are all sent out and Lara Jean is left to deal with the aftermath, made even harder by the fact that her most recent letter was addressed to her next-door neighbor (and sister’s ex-boyfriend!) Josh Sanderson. Luckily, Lara Jean has the perfect solution to fix this problem: a fake relationship with popular jock (and another letter-recipient) Peter Kavinsky. But is this really the easy fix Lara Jean wants it to be or could real feelings get in the way?


Why you should watch it: This movie is the perfect amount of cheesy. Lana Condor and Noah Centineo have the perfect chemistry to bring this story to life on screen and their characters’ relationship is sure to hit you right in the feels. Also if you like this movie, the sequel is set to come out sometime in the next two years!



    2) If You’re Feeling a Little Musical…


You should watch: Mamma Mia!


What it’s about: Soon-to-be-bride Sophie has never known who her dad is. When she finds her mom’s old diary, she takes the opportunity to invite three of the potential options: Sam (a rich architect), Bill (an adventurous sailor), and Harry (a predictable banker from Britain). The story follows Sophie’s preparations for her wedding all while she tries to figure out the true identity of her father and keep the men away from her mother, Donna, who has no idea that they’ve been invited.


Why you should watch: There are so many catchy songs and fun dance sequences. The mystery behind Sophie’s dad’s identity, along with Meryl Streep’s amazing performance, will keep you hooked until the end. Pierce Brosnan also sings and it’s impossible to be anything but happy when that happens.



   3) If You Wanna Laugh…


You should watch: She’s Out of My League


What it’s about: TSA agent Kirk quickly begins a relationship with event planner Molly. There’s only one problem: Kirk’s friends have convinced him that Molly is too good for him (after all why would a 10 go for a 5?, they ask him). The movie follows Kirk’s attempts to keep Molly around as he deals with his own insecurities about their relationship status.


Why you should watch: This movie is absolutely hilarious. And even though it might seem like just another comedy, it includes important undertones of believing in your own self value so you’re sure to end the movie in a feel-good mood.



   4) If You Want a Throwback…


You should watch: Sixteen Candles


What it’s about: The movie follows high schooler Sam Baker on her sixteenth birthday. However, the day does not go as she plans: her entire family forgets it’s her actual birthday and she spends a majority of the day trying to avoid the incessant advances of freshman Ted and the chaos of her older sister’s wedding while she pines away after popular senior Jake.


Why you should watch: It’s a John Hughes classic and the ending scenes are super sweet.



   5) If You Want to Cry…


You should watch: Charlie St. Cloud


What it’s about: Charlie St. Cloud is a recently graduated senior set to go to Stanford on a sailing scholarship. However, during a freak car accident one night, Charlie’s younger brother is killed. Racked by guilt (since he was the one driving when the accident occurred), Charlie decides not to go to college and spends the majority of his time in his hometown cleaning up the cemetery and playing baseball with his younger brother who comes back to him as a ghost every night. The movie follows Charlie’s struggle to keep his brother in his memory when Tess, an old crush of Charlie’s, comes back to town for a sailing race.


Why you should watch: This movie was made during Zac Efron’s golden era. The relationship between Charlie and his younger brother is also deeply moving and sure to leave you in tears, perfect if you’re in the mood for a good cry.



  6) If You Want a Little Mystery…


You should watch: Definitely, Maybe


What it’s about: Will Hayes (played by Ryan Reynolds) is just about to finalize his divorce. Convinced she can make her parents fall in love again, his young daughter Maya asks him to tell her the story of how he met her mom, hoping to make him realize he still loves her. The movie follows Will through a series of flashbacks while Maya desperately tries to figure out which of Will’s three major girlfriends in the story is her mom.


Why you should watch it: The mystery will keep you hooked until the end and, because one relationship is certain to end in divorce, you will find yourself wondering if you are rooting for a happy ending that will never happen. The movie also has an amazing cast, including a young Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher, and Ryan Reynolds.



  7) For the Ultimate Girls’ Night


You should watch: Sex and the City: The Movie


What it’s about: The movie follows the lives of the girls following the end of the TV series. Charlotte is pregnant, Miranda is looking to divorce Steve after he cheats on her, Samantha is in LA with Smith, and Carrie is dealing with the traumatic event of Big leaving her at the altar.


Why you should watch it: Although the movie focuses a lot on the romantic interests of the girls, the solid foundation really lies behind the strength of their friendships with each other. ‘Cause who needs a Big when you have your girls by your side?



Happy watching!