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The Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Halloween is nearing, and admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of dressing up in costumes or visiting haunted houses. However, there’s one thing about Halloween I absolutely love: candy! In celebration of one of the biggest candy-selling holidays in the country, here’s some of the best and worst candy to eat during the Halloween season.


Best – Twix

Who doesn’t love Twix? With its delicious caramel and cookie center wrapped in creamy milk chocolate, people of all ages will be happy to have Twix for Halloween.


Worst – Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Rolls were the most disappointing candy to get as a kid. These disgusting candies are chocolate wannabes. They’re too chewy, and they taste like a terrible version of fudge.


Best – Hi-Chew

I only recently discovered Hi-Chew when the candies came in our Her Campus Survival Kits. They’re from Japan and are the top soft candy there, but they’re starting to become available at American stores like Target. They come in a ton of flavors (I personally love the sour flavors) and despite not being mainstream, are sure to be a Halloween hit.


Worst – Charleston Chews

Nougat is kind of boring, and Charleston Chews just stick to your teeth. Their bland flavor doesn’t make their impossibility to eat worth it. There are so many better candies.


Best – Blow Pops

Blow Pops are fantastic because they provide a flavorful and long lasting candy experience. The lollipop itself is deliciously sweet with a tinge of sour flavor, and while the gum isn’t exactly of the highest quality, it’s a great treat after reaching the center of the lollipop.


Worst – Black Licorice

Black licorice is the absolute worst. Don’t give this to anyone on Halloween unless you really don’t like them.


Best – Butterfinger

Butterfingers stick to your teeth, but this time the flavor is worth it. Butterfingers are buttery and crunchy and have a unique flavor not found in other chocolate bars, so they’re a must for Halloween.


Worst – Necco Wafers

Do people even give these out anymore? I’m hoping they don’t, because Necco Wafers somehow manage to make pure sugar taste bad. The products claims the wafers are different flavors, but they all just taste like sweetened baby powder.


Best – Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are the definitive best candy of all time. They’re addictingly delicious with their strong sourness and variety of flavors from classic red to the equally amazing Sour Patch Watermelon candies.


Confusing – Candy Corn

Candy corn can be delicious in moderation, and it’s many people’s favorite Halloween candy. But that sugary sweet flavor can be overwhelming, and you might feel queasy after eating too much candy corn at once. Limit your candy corn intake, and it’s an excellent snack during autumn.


Honorable Mentions – Coffee Crisp and Aero

Coffee Crisp and Aero are both sadly only available in Canada (and some very limited locations in the United States), but since they’re both so delicious, they deserve to make the list. Coffee Crisp mixes a hint of coffee flavor with chocolate and delightfully crunchy wafers. Aero has all the good components of your favorite plain chocolate bar, but inside it’s filled with air bubbles. The feeling when you bite into the light and airy Aero bar is indescribable.

Halloween is an excellent excuse to stock up on all your favorite candies. Just be sure to avoid some of Halloween’s most disappointing candy (I’m looking at you black licorice).

Happy Halloween!

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