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Apple Picking: The Best and Worst Time of Year

Apple-picking is the best time of year. But when you’re allergic to apples like me, it can also be the worst time. Everyone around you is apple picking and eating all of these delicious apples, while you just sit there and watch it all happen. You go to the orchard for the pictures and not the food. Here are the best and worst parts of apple picking:



It’s the best time to take pictures! The orchards have a great aesthetic.



Seeing everyone crunching their delicious apples and wondering what they taste like. Hoping that the allergy will just float away and you can finally be able to eat without taking a Benadryl.



The smell of fall is amazing. The crisp leaves, cool air- there’s nothing better!




You can go home with plenty of apples to make delicious things like apple pies and applesauce!





Feeling left out from conversations about the different apples and what to try next.


I love apple picking season, and I hope to one day grow out of this allergy so I can finally join all the fun!

Nicole Nagura

Cornell '20

Junior at Cornell University. She is majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations
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