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Abroad in Denmark: Vi Elsker FCK!

I just got back from an exciting football (that’s soccer) game between F.C. København and Brondby. Apparently, Brondby is Copenhagen’s biggest rival, and DIS provided all the Danish classes with free tickets!

I’ll admit that I’m not very into sports, but I do get very into the games when I’m actually there. Every one was getting really frustrated with FCK’s dilly-dallying around the field. Brondby had already scored one point, and the crowd was roaring. The entire time, with a Carlsberg in hand, I kept shouting, “COME ON, FC KØ, DO SOMETHING!” while the rest of the crowd chanted “FCK! FCK! FCK! FCK!” Several minutes had passed and FCK still hadn’t scored anything.

Just as FCK was on the brink of scoring, the ball flew past the goal. The player who kicked the ball fell on the field in anguish. The crowd roared in disappointment. Due to a stroke of bad luck (or just awful timing), the crowd went quiet just as I shouted, “YOU GUYS SUCK!”

The entire section of that part of the stadium turned around and stared at me, as I wilted into my seat. A few Americans behind me snickered at my wild enthusiasm and fury.

But I’m happy to say that FCK actually won the game 3:1. I think it’s time for me to buy a FCK scarf to show my pride. Or actually work on my research paper that’s due tomorrow at noon.

Op og stå — vi elsker FC
Op og stå — vi elsker FC
Op og stå — vi elsker FC
Vi er for rå
For vi er FCK!

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