6 Shows to Binge Watch During Winter Break

Finals are a time of stress and hard work, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! When you hand in your last exam or paper, you can finally relax. What better way is there to decompress during a homework-less six weeks than to sit down and binge watch a good show? Here are 6 shows to consider binge watching during your winter break:


1. The Office



If you haven’t watched the Office yet, what are you waiting for? This show will have you laughing non-stop. Not to mention, you’ll finally understand everyone’s references.

Available on: Netflix


2. Stranger Things



All the hype is true: Stranger Things is incredibly well made, and the plot will completely suck you in. This show is scary, exciting and funny, and you won’t regret giving it a try. Season 3 comes out in 2019, so you’ll be just in time for another season.

Available on: Netflix


3. Sex and the City



This show may not be for everyone, but it’s a classic. It’s primarily a comedy, but it also has plenty of romance. If you want something funny and romantic, but shows like The Office just aren’t your cup of tea, give Sex and the City a try. You’ll finally be able to answer when people ask which character you are!

Available on: Amazon Prime, Netflix


4. This Is Us



All your friends have been telling you to watch it, and it’s finally time to give in. This Is Us is perfect for anyone who loves a good drama. Just beware: you won’t get through an episode without crying.

Available on: Hulu


5. Ozark



Ozark is another great drama, without all the crying of This Is Us. This show is full of drama and suspense. For crime lovers who need a well-developed plot, this is the show for you.

Available on: Netflix


6. Parks and Recreation



Last but not least, another great comedy rounds out the list. Parks and Rec has even more nonsense than The Office and is just as funny. If you have enough free time on your hands and you finish The Office, try Parks and Rec. You won’t regret it!

Available on: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime