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5 Ways to Stay Gorges This Winter

Let’s be blunt. It’s cold out. No matter how your first week of classes went, one thing is
painfully obvious: we are in for a real Ithaca winter this year. A few days of (relative) warmth
might be headed our way, but the snow, wind, and cold will be back. So here are a few tips to
keep you healthy and beautiful this February.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. When you’re walking around in the cold and the
wind, your face and hands are bound to get dry. But it’s easy to improve the health of
your skin! Moisturize your face in the morning, and carry lotion with you so that you can
moisturize your hands throughout the day. A small bottle of lotion in your backpack or
purse should do the trick: just fill a travel-sized bottle from Walmart or Target with your
lotion of choice.

2. Stay hydrated. Since it’s not sunny and hot, it’s easy to think that we don’t need to
drink as much water in the wintertime. Not true! In winter, we tend to drink more hot
beverages: coffee in particular makes you more dehydrated, not less. And while we may
sweat less, we lose a lot of moisture every time we exhale (think of those frosty clouds of
air we’re making whenever we “see our breath”). Moisturizing is the quick way to give
your skin some relief from excess dryness, but consuming more water will help in the
long run. Another benefit of drinking lots of water is that you’re less likely to catch a cold
or the flu.

3. The winter weather can also really do a number on your hair. You might not realize it,
but your hair gets dried out just like your skin does—that’s what causes split ends. So
give your hair some love: cover it up. And since you’re probably more likely to blow-dry
in the wintertime, invest in a heat protectant. A generic brand will work fine; pick up a
small bottle the next time you’re at the store, and spray it on before you dry your hair.

4. It’s really easy to forget about your feet in winter, because you’re always wearing socks.
And that makes you more likely to delay getting a pedicure. Whether you go out and get
one or do it yourself, you should be taking time to take care of your feet at least every
three weeks (two if you can manage it!). Even though people may not be able to see your
pretty feet, you’ll feel fabulous knowing that you’re taking care of yourself from head to

5. And finally, walking in the cold makes everyone’s nose run. But, as Kate Hudson tells
us in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, “Nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles!”—especially not in
the middle of that 9AM econ lecture. For the sake of your own health (and the peace of
mind of those around you) remember to carry tissues with you on those wintry weekday

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