5 Things to Do When it Snows at Cornell

Halfway through February, Cornellians are finally back into the full swing of classes. Something else that we are fully immersed in? A lot of snow. The snowfall never seems to end in Ithaca. Some of us might complain about the bone-chilling temperatures, but why not take advantage of all the fun that comes with the snow?

1. Take in the “gorges” sights

The times when we could swim outside might be long gone, but nature in Ithaca is still most definitely gorgeous, and winter is no exception. Going out and exploring nature is recommended if you aren’t bothered by the cold. Seeing Buttermilk Falls or Taughannock Falls frozen over is certainly something you don’t want to miss.  

2. Take a day off and stay inside

This might be an unconventional way to spend a snow day, but take the time to give yourself a small break every once in awhile. Treat yo’self!

3. Cross off your Cornell bucket list items

If you’re into the idea of staying cozy and warm indoors, take some time to explore the many amenities Cornell offers. Cornell has several bucket lists, and there are plenty of things to do inside. Check out a movie at the Cornell Cinema, go rock climbing at Barton or head over to the Fuertes Observatory on North Campus.

4. Find a good sledding spot

Going down the more traditional winter route, grab a group of friends and have a day of fun outside. With a nickname like The Hill, Cornell has perfect terrain for some outdoor fun. Bonus points if you ski or snowboard. Just be sure not to get a JA!

5. Head out to Greek Peak

Most students don’t realize how close we are to a ski resort. Within half an hour, you can make it to Greek Peak to go skiing, snowboarding, or snow-tubing. Fun fact: Cornell even offers skiing and snowboarding as PE credit. It’s a great way to get out of Ithaca and meet a lot of new friends!

Most importantly, have fun and stay safe out there!