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4 Places To Shop If You’re Over 6 Feet Tall

The time for fall and winter fashion has arrived, and I can’t wait to try out the new trends. When you’re 6’3 though, finding trendy items that fit properly is not an easy task. Even if a store offers tall sizing, it’s still usually too short. Luckily, there are a few places where us tall goddesses can find some stylish clothes…


1. Alloy Apparel


Alloy has a rather limited selection, but their pieces are up to date. Their pants range from a 32” to 39” inch inseam, and other apparel ranges from sizes S-XL. This brand offers mostly casual clothing, with a few formal pieces thrown in. Under the “Tall Squad” tab, Alloy features gorgeous tall women and the styles they’re rocking.


2. Long Tall Sally


With both a website and brick and mortar stores, Long Tall Sally has one of the most diverse selections for us tall ladies. This store offers pants from 34” to 38” leg length, clothing sizes 4-20, and shoe sizes from 9-15. LTS caters to professional and casual customers.


3. Banana Republic


Banana Republic isn’t specifically catered toward tall women, but they offer “Extended Sizes” online. Their clothes are a good mix of casual wear and formal. Their clothes range from sizes 2-16 or S-XL.  

4. Eddie Bauer


For the outdoorsy girl, Eddie Bauer’s tall section is the place to shop. They offer athletic and casual wear from sizes XS-3X or sizes 6-16. The inseam of their tall pants is not listed on their website, but they fit girls ranging heights 6’0 to 6’4, according to reviews on their website.


As tall women, finding cute clothes is especially difficult. Hopefully these stores can help you find pieces that make you feel confident. Every body is beautiful, especially us glamazons.


Happy shopping!


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