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Your Guide to the 80’s Dance!

After the Winter Formal last weekend, it’s time to Pump Up the Jam at this Saturday’s Dance. When it comes to dressing up like your parents did back in the day, remember that fashion was defined by your originality in the 1980's. Whether you chose to channel The New Kids on the Block, primp like a prepster, or the get the "Let’s Get Physical" look, make sure you're Causing a Commotion with your outfit. 

Here is your guide of what you can wear this weekend:

1. The Lets Get Physical Look 

This is probably the most common look you've seen people rock when dressing up for the 80's. Neon crop tops or off the shoulder shirts should be worn on the top. As for pants, make sure you wear bright colored spandex as well as leg warmers. To accessorize, you can add gaudy jewelry and Wayfarer sunglasses. To bring the outfit all together, make sure you put your hair up in a pony tail with a scrunchie or tease or crimp your hair, making it larger than life! 

2. The New Kids on the Block Look 

To really hit this look, you must include acid washed jeans. Other things that this popular boy band and their followers wore included parachute pants, converse sneakers, oversized shirts, denim jackets and vests, paint splatter clothing, and even overalls! Look how comfy and cool these trend setters look! 

3. The Preppy Look 

If you want something a little different and don't want to recycle your denim dance or rave outfit, than this look might be the one for you! The "preppies" wore polo shirts with sweaters tied around their shoulders-- any collared shirt/sweater mix would do the trick! Khaki pants and skirts along with anything plaid on the bottom would also work! Tetorn tennis shoes (today's white Keds) or penny loafers are the perfect shoes to add to this preppy look. Accessorize with a pearl necklace, a headband, and knee high socks and you have got this look down! 

Hopefully these looks give you some rad outfit ideas. We are totally stoked for this Saturday, and can't wait to see how totally tubular you all look out on the dance floor! 

I am a junior at Conn. I started at Conn in January of 2013 spending the first part of my school year in Costa Rica and Panama. I am the Director of Marketing for SAC and I am a memebr of Her Campus Conn Coll. 
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