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You Are Invited to Festivus 2013: Candy Land

Are you as pumped for the biggest dance of the fall semester as we are?! Festivus, which is derived from an episode of Seinfeld, has come to be celebrated as a secular holiday. Essentially, it is Conn’s biggest holiday party. Festivus is brought to us by a wide of array of organizations on campus, primarily the Office of Residential Affairs. It is important to note that Festivus is more than just the dance in the 1962 room: there are activities all over Cro! Most importantly, this year’s theme is Candy Land! Here is a break-down of all the events– starting during the DAY– and a little bit about the people who brought them to you!

1. Holiday fun in the Game Room: 2-4pm

The Lambdin Game Room staff brings you this portion of Festivus! They will be giving away FREE Holiday SWAG to attendees, including mugs, school supplies, and lots and lots of candy! 

2. Holiday Dinner in Harris: 5-8pm

Harris Dining Hall will transform into a holiday wonderland with special décor for the occasion. The dinner provided during the night will also depict the holiday spirit.

3. Area Parties: 8-9pm

This portion of Festivus is brought to you by the office of Residential Education and Living, more specifically your House Fellows and Floor Governors! This is the opportunity to hang out with your friends and neighbors around your common room’s cozy fires. Each area has their own party with their own special plans. If you live in South, check out the JA common room. Central? Head to Larrabee. What about the Plex? Check out the Johnson common room! Please feel free to check out other area’s area parties! 

4. Gala in Crozier Williams : 10-2am

Festivus is so much more than just a dance. The Gala, which happens every year in Cro, utilizes nearly all-available places to host separate activities.

Life Size Candy Land: Class of 2017
The class of 2017 has been working hard to put together a life size version of candy land that will be housed in the 1941 room. Make sure to play at some point during the night!

Photo Booth: Class of 2016
Camels sure love their photo booths! Make sure to get your picture taken upstairs in cro! Holiday themed props will be provided! 


Holiday Karaoke: Class of 2015
Ready to conjure your inner Mariah Carey? Warm up those vocal cords because the class of 2015 will be providing karaoke in Cro’s Nest! 

DJ Dance Party: Class of 2014 with Tag from RagTag
No holiday party is complete without dancing. Although Rag will be away for the event Tag will be there spinning only the best! Follow the peppermint swirls to the 1962 room! 


Excited yet? Festivus is on Saturday, December 7th, 2013! Start planning for this classy event! 

Janil Tejada is a Connecticut College Junior. She was born and raised in New York City. She is currently majoring in Latin American Studies and History. She is considering getting a PhD in Latin American studies. However, her heart has always been in issues affecting females and fashion. She is also passionate about social justice! She loves it all. She is PICA scholar, MMUF and NASPA NUFT fellow and Floor Governor. She is also in Eclipse and Umoja. She is very friendly and loves it when people get involved! Feel free to ask her any question!
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