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What’s Coming Up? Things to Look Forward To!


We’re over the hump! With less than eight weeks left until summer vacation, it’s hard not to feel a bit of spring fever. Despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, Spring is right around the corner…and so are these things to look forward to!

1) Seeing Tempel Green again!

Whether you’re studying, hanging out with friends or just straight chillin’, the Green is the place to be in the spring. By the time April comes around, the sprawling field will be covered with Conn kids itching to feel the sun again. The frisbee teams will be out and about, and guitars will definitely make an appearance.

2) Binging on Netflix!

You never just watch one episode on Netflix. With fall television shows wrapping up, look for your favorite series to hit the coveted Netflix collection. If you’re like me, you’re anxiously awaiting the premiere of season four of Arrested Development, available via instant queue on May 4th. Starting a new series mid-semester can be dangerous…but pleasurable? Most definitely.  

3) Events, on events, on events!


Only a little over one month until we can say hello to one of Conn’s most treasured traditions: Floralia! Floralia, Conn’s annual musical festival, celebrates spring with musical headliners and free food. On May 4th, say hello to pop-rap musical group Chiddy Bang, as well as certain MOBROC bands.

TEDxConnecticut College

On April 13th, Conn will host its second annual TEDx conference. This year’s event, entitled “On the Shoulders of Giants,” will focus on the power of human interaction and collaboration. A selected group of speakers will deliver addresses about their particular areas of interest or expertise, all the while tying their experiences back to the theme. A twenty-dollar ticket will earn you admission into the day-long event.


Calling all dance-lovers! The annual dance show Eclipse celebrates different races and ethnicities through artistic expression. See you in Palmer on April 27th for a show you do not want to miss!

Relay for Life

Conn will host an American Cancer Society Relay for Life on April 26th. Cancer never sleeps, so neither do participant. Relay for Life team members walk all night to show their dedication to the cause. Walk, run or donate to help support cancer research and awareness. Food and entertainment will be provided throughout the night.

Fishbowl (or lack thereof)

With second semester in full swing, the hubbub about Fishbowl’s cancellation has dimmed to a quiet roar. But as Fishbowl season approaches, this writer can’t help but wonder: What (if anything) can the Conn community expect from the graduating class? Dean Denard mentioned the development of a new tradition, but so far, nothing has come to fruition. Who knows what (and when) we should be expecting!

4) Summer vacation, of course!

For non-graduating seniors, finals officially end on May 15th. After an entire academic year slaving away in Shain, the world is your oyster. Treat yourself to a vacation; if you’re planning on working this summer, take a few days to relax and sleep in until noon before you start bringing home the bacon. Whatever your summer plans, enjoy them – you deserve it!

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