What we did during Fall Break!

Curious as to what the HC Conn team got up to this fall break? Well, look no further, to doing nothing but homework or having too much fun the HC team did it all. Enjoy :)   

Elizabeth Berry:


Over the five days of Fall Break, I (unfortunately or fortunately) spent majority of my time doing work. However, I made sure to include some breaks in my schedule by working out, going on a foliage walk in Concord, MA, grabbing lunch and a coffee at a cute cafe with my mom (I know, I am so cool!), caught up on the TV show Elementary, and ate lots of yummy fall foods (that’s right: everything pumpkin spiced flavored from coffee to English muffins). I wish I had more time to read and watch YouTube, but hey, I’m only human. Fall Break is short, but take advantage of every minute as much as you can because before you know it, you will be back to the grind once again.


Ann Monk

I did not do any homework over Fall Break, and I am seriously regretting that now. That being said, I had an amazing fall break in Austin, Texas :D. It took 14 hours to get down there and 12 hours to get back, but it was definitely worth it! I was with two of my friends from the gap year that I took a year and a half ago, and our mini-reunion was AMAZING! I spent my days sleeping in until 11 am or so and going out to brunch for avocado toast and mimosas. Then we spent the afternoon hopping between different coffee shops and cafes, just chatting, sampling local treats, and drinking coffee. After dinner, we’d go to an art festival, a live concert, and/or play pool at a dive bar. Inevitably, we’d end the night with 3 am breakfast tacos before hitting the hay and starting it all again the next day. It was the PERFECT break from my insane fall schedule, although re-adjusting to school and homework has not been easy!



Hanna Bobrowicz 

I suppose I am a happy medium between Elizabeth and Ann! For the break, I traveled up to Vermont with my best gal pals. There we engaged in the most wholesome fall activities. They included: baking, taking fall strolls, and playing board games! With no WiFi, it was a welcome break, but I did manage to find some time to tackle my homework. My favorite night of the entire break was when the DVD machine stopped working, so we put on a podcast and colored. If I had to characterize my break into a single sentence, I would say it was the epitome of a deep breath.