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Happy days are here again! Greetings from 358 Mohegan Ave! I hope you’re hungry, because it’s that time of the week again for my weekly recipe write-up. Enjoy!


We know ‘em, we love ‘em. Quick, easy, and storable must-haves for a busy life. 

  • Tortillas: I have been using the same tortilla recipe for years, and it has yet to fail me. Thank you to dearest Monica over at Nourish & Fete for the best base tortilla recipe I have found through my extensive carb quest. I have tweaked the recipe a bit with some add-on ideas, however, alone this recipe is perfection!
    • 1 ½ cups white flour (I have successfully subbed WW and oat as well!) 
    • ½ teaspoon salt (add more or less depending on personal taste)
    • ½ teaspoon of baking powder
    • 3 tablespoons oil (I like vegetable oil, however, olive oil also works wonders)
    • ½ cup hot water. There is a whole scientific article dedicated to the science of tortillas, however, in short, hot water (~ > 140 °F) inhibits the formation of gluten and distributes the fat (oil) in the tortilla dough evenly. This creates the flaky and flexible tortilla worthy of your wildest carba-licious dreams. 
    • 2 tablespoons flax seeds (I like the flavor that the seeds add to the dough). Additionally, in typical Allison fashion, I’m always looking for more fiber. 
    • A few dashes of turmeric. Here’s the deal, you either like turmeric or you don’t. She’s not a fair-weather friend. I like the slightly musky back of the throat taste, however, if not your cup of tea don’t add it!
      • Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Mix in the oil next, it should form clumps with the flour mixture. Finally, stir in the hot water and knead into a soft dough. 
      • Roll those puppies out! This recipe makes about 8 medium-sized tortillas. I like to roll the tortillas out with a drinking glass, keep it simple babes!
      • Cook each tortilla on low-medium heat, you’ll know that they’re ready to flip when pockets of air start to form on the top.  
      • I like to stick these in the fridge for the week, however, they do well in the freezer for a month or so. Heat up in the microwave before serving!


Maybe it’s just me, but deconstructing meals into bowl format really just butters my biscuits. 

  • Burrito bowl (Allison’s version): Let’s be clear, very little in this world compares to the guts of a burrito. This particular creation is very meal prep-esque, in the sense that I just take a few scoops of previously prepared components to create my final product.
    • Brown rice
    • Black beans (or your preferred bean)
    • Lettuce/cabbage/some sort of slaw 
    • Tofu (I like to dice a block of tofu and marinade in some tamari, balsamic vinegar, and maple syrup. I will then just scoop a few pieces out and use accordingly) 
    • Vessels for ingestion: AKA chips, of choice. I love spicy queso rice chips (of whatever brand). I find that rice chips have just the right texture for pairing with the burrito bowl components. 
    • Condiments!
      • Salsa 
      • Guac
      • Sour cream/plain Greek yogurt 
      • Hot sauce 
      • Etc., etc., etc.!
  • Pasta bowl: This bowl is perfect for when I want to park myself at the table and drown my sorrows in pasta, but with an adult nutrient-conscious attitude.
    • Pasta of choice: As Rotini’s biggest fan, I will forever be using this spiral shaped beauty.
    • Sauce/dressing of choice: I love a good pesto, but will sometimes also go off the rails and make a pasta salad-inspired dressing with olive oil, rice vinegar, onion, garlic, oregano, and basil. 
    • Cabbage slaw: If you don’t like cabbage, talk to the hand. KIDDING! I like using a cabbage slaw as it isn’t subject to the same wilt effect that some softer lettuce experiences when paired with a saucy pasta, however, whatever floats your boat! For the cabbage slaw, I use olive oil, vinegar, onion, salt, and pepper. I will also sometimes throw in a red pepper and some corn to up the produce game. 
    • Garnishes! I love sunflower seeds with these bowls, as I find they add a fun, crunchy, nutty flavor aspect to the dish. Bean sprouts are also delicious!
      • I combine all of the above components into a banger bowl, and my issues are solved. That’s all that there is to this pasta bowl production. 

Welp, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading my concoction musings. Eat some good food this week! Xoxoxo- Allison <3

Allison Bull

Conn Coll '26

Allison is a current sophomore at Connecticut College pursuing a degree in Educational Studies and Anthropology. She is from a small town in Southern New Hampshire where she loves running, hiking, harassing her cat to take selfies (see profile pic), getting lost in the woods, and generally romping around outside. Outside of class, Allison loves reading, making friendship bracelets, listening to music, lying in the sun, and cooking!