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In the twenty-first century, we all have run into a similar problem; how do we post the perfectly cultivated Instagram picture? Recently, this process has been made much easier. In the past couple of years, museums and art pop-ups have been surfacing across the country that seems to be constructed with the sole purpose of getting an “Insta worthy” photo. Whether you go to the Museum of Ice Cream, Dream Machine, or the highly anticipated Museum of Pizza, you will not go more than a few seconds without seeing a horde of people with their phones flashing. This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Color Factory NYC, an interactive art exhibit that has the reputation for being an Instagram canvas. I won’t lie that before going I was expecting it to be a very cliche exhibit that offered little more than a fun collage of photographs to commemorate the experience. However, after leaving I have much more respect than I had to go in.

The Color Factory is in collaboration with more than twenty artists that have created interactive exhibits with the focus, unsurprisingly, on color. When registering, you receive a card with a barcode that allows you to receive photographs on your email that are taken throughout the exhibit. At nearly every stop you get a sweet treat or knick-knack that you get to enjoy and remember your experience with. Going through the exhibit was more fun than I was anticipating, but I will admit it did seem catered to getting a good picture. What really sold me on the place was the map that you receive upon finishing. The Color Factory has partnered with more than 20 businesses in downtown Manhattan to extend your experience beyond the installation itself. This includes locations that offer colorful gelato, cocktails, and even pencils. I went to Soho nails and got a manicure with ten different colors specially picked by contributors to the exhibit and got a temporary tattoo full of color.

Although I had some preconceived notions prior to going to this Instagram hotspot, I left well fed and with a new perspective. Even though you will be taking a lot of pictures when you go, the Color Factory stands on its own as a museum. While I cannot speak for other places like the Museum of Ice Cream, I would highly recommend giving the Color Factory a try. You will leave with lots of pictures and with your expectations exceeded.

Julia Thomas

Conn Coll '20

Hi! I'm a junior Environmental Studies and Italian Studies double major who loves to hike and watch the Great British Baking Show
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