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Top 10 Things to Do Over Spring Break

First things first, get pampered!

1) Get a Hair Cut

It is no surprise that our hair takes a beating in the winter. As those dead, uneven ends creep their way back, be sure to get the infamous “trim” that you can’t wait for everyone to compliment when you return to school (even though it was only 1 inch!). 

Pull off one of these:

2)   Get a Mani/Pedi

After the stress of midterms, everyone’s nails are tarnished.

3)   Eyebrows

We know all to well what it is like to have to manage eyebrows, and we all know that tweezing never really does the trick. Go get those eyebrows cleaned and shaped and come back looking like Elizabeth Taylor.

4)   Roots

Nobody likes exposing their deepest, darkest secret—that they get your hair COLORED!!! So, be sure to stop by and visit your totally cool, chic hair stylist to get those roots fixed. Don’t forget to update him or her on ALL of the gossip. Let’s face it, your hair stylist knows more about Jessica’s on and off again relationship with Mike than you do at this point.

Selfie or it didn’t happen:

After getting pampered it is time to show off your new look in public! Here are a few “must do” activities!

5)   Go Shopping

Time to indulge! Go to your favorite store and buy that one item that you just can’t wait to wear on the first day back. Everyone will definitely comment on how awesome it is.  (Let’s be honest — everyone does this)!

6)   Eat At Your Favorite Restaurant

We all have our favorite restaurant that we eagerly await for each time we visit home. Get your family on board and make those reservations now!

7)   Visit “The City”

Depending on where you are from, “The City” can mean many different places. Visit the closest major city to where you live and be sure to take the most touristy Instagram ever!

8)   Hangout with your “Hometown” friends

Make an effort to see your friends from home that you grew up with. It is always nice to reminisce! Be sure to get an Instagram of the group in order to generate at least 30 likes — otherwise it’s just embarrassing!

9) Family Gathering

If your family is anything like ours, you are bound to have at least one family gathering within the 2 week break. At this gathering you will be asked countless times: How is college?; Do you have a boyfriend?; Have you found your husband yet?; Is your entire life planned out? These questions are annoying; still, these family gatherings are the most important, cherished moments of break.


Don’t forget about your furry friends!!!! The best part about going home is seeing those adorable faces.

Because who doesn’t want to do this: 

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