Tips for Floralia from HC Conn Coll Staff

Floralia, a Conn tradition, is a day-long festival that brings out different genres of music, especially our student groups and bands. This Conn tradition is structured like Coachella (no offense to Coachella) with free food, inflatables, numerous tents, diverse music, and many other festival aspects. Weeks before the event, students plan their festival outfits, their weekend itineraries, and who’s waking up at the crack of dawn to put down their tent. For the upperclassmen that have done Floralia more than once, our tips might be something that you might have thought of yourself. And for first-years and new students, here are some things you should take into consideration:


“BRING A BEACH CHAIR OR A CHAIR IN GENERAL. Thankfully before Floralia, I found a beach chair in one of the thrift stores in New London. Sitting on the ground is not all that bad, but sitting in a chair is ten times more comfortable. That way your back feels comfortable and your legs don’t hurt from standing up for too long. Because I was the only one of my friends that had a chair, we rotated using my beach chair. This could be helpful if you and your friends are on a budget.”  

-Viangely Asencio ‘20


“Wear something that you feel comfortable in. You don’t want to be worried about your outfit or uncomfortable during the day when you are trying to enjoy the festivities! Also try to get a good breakfast that morning, especially if you plan to be drinking early. Lastly, have fun!!”  

-Carolyn Cross ’19


“Don’t let the FOMO (or should I say, Flo-MO) get to you. It’s perfectly okay to get there late or take a midday break. If taking time to recharge is what you need to enjoy Flo to the fullest, then do it! While I couldn’t section off a chunk of my day to work on schoolwork during Floralia as my friend did, I left the festival to take a nap, and it was extremely refreshing. Also, don’t roll your eyes at the artist set just yet; I personally love music festivals for the exposure to new artists and a wide variety of genres, so keep an open mind.”  

-Samantha Barth ‘21


“If you don’t want to go to Floralia, don’t go. I missed Floralia my First year and my Junior year and I don’t regret it. Floralia is one of the last chances of the semester to get together with your friends before the mental grind through finals period truly begins in most people's’ minds. Make plans to get together with your core group of friends, but don’t feel like you have to spend the entire day together. Floralia is about enjoying yourself. If you know you’re someone who needs breaks, plan them. If you need to make plans in order to eat anything, plan a specific timeline and follow through in order to make sure that you eat throughout the day.  I can’t stress enough PLAN ahead, but be flexible and roll with the punches. Be prepared and be smart.”

-Kiely Goss ‘19


“Plan a mid-day activity with your friends. Get off campus and go out to lunch, go to Mystic, or even go to the arboretum. Many people take an afternoon break from the festival, and we all know that no homework is going to get done on Saturday, so you might as well do something fun!”

-Abby Schmitt '21


“I am going to give some food tips because that seems to be my expertise (according to moi). Eat a hearty breakfast beforehand because the lunch and dinner offerings may not be to your that I mean it will probably be a salad kind of day. Make sure that you bring an empty container or water bottle so that you can refill it throughout the day, it’s really important to stay hydrated! There are food trucks and snacks offered around the event, but make sure to pack some snacks of your own just in case – maybe you can even have a picnic with friends!”

-Elizabeth Berry ‘21


“Waterproof makeup will save you in any situation. Waterproof mascara and setting powder will be your best friend if it is too hot you get sweaty, if it is raining, or if someone spills their drink. My favorite waterproof mascara is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara.”

-Mary Sherwin '21


“Familiarize yourself with the music of the performing artists. If you know the music, and can sing along to some of the songs with your friends, it will make your Floralia experience more fun and memorable. Also, be ready to pick up trash because if you do so, you can get a free Floralia fanny pack or water bottle!”

-Piper Baine ’21