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You know those days when you have completed all of your homework and your friends are laying low? We certainly do! We all decided to share some of the ways we fill up our free time when we aren’t doing work, at work or engaged in activities around campus!  


Emily: “I personally love scrolling through the Facebook videos, especially the ones that are about animals or food! I have posted some of my personal favorites below, I hope they make you laugh as hard as I did! When I don’t have my face glued to a screen, I like to go out for a run and when I’m really feeling adventurous I’ll get in my car and drive somewhere!”








Kiely: “I love to redecorate and rearrange my room to fit the seasonal or a holiday theme. Sometimes it is just nice to make your own change of scenery; this is especially fun when it’s not easy to get off campus when I needed a change of scenery.”



Erin: When I get the opportunity I love to go on walks in the arboretum with my friends! It’s so beautiful there especially this time of year with all the foliage, and it’s a great way to destress! If the weather’s not great I don’t mind laying low and watching Netflix!




Viangely: “I’ve been playing piano for about a decade now. So, I love going down to the piano practice rooms in Cummings and just play about two hours worth of songs. My phone is on silent, my friends and negative thoughts are not allowed. After I’m done, I feel so peaceful. Another thing I like to do is rent a bike from the library and ride around campus.”


Megan:  “When I’m not too busy with work, I love sitting out on Temple Green with my friends or hanging out in any of the campus coffee shops. When we are feeling more adventurous, and I need to stop watching reruns of The Office, my friends and I will go to places like the Arboretum, Harkness Memorial Park, or Mystic. There are so many cool and beautiful places to discover around New London! ”

Danielle: “As a dance major, most of my free time is spent in the studio. As cliche as it may sound, dance is my escape, whether it is from my other studies, or anything else going on in my life. At the same time, countless hours spent choreographing and rehearsing can lead to stressors of their own, so I like to spend my remaining free time winding down with whatever makes me happy in that moment. This usually entails hanging out with my friends/housemates (we are currently obsessed with playing “Catchphrase”), calling my family to catch up, watching “Jane the Virgin,” and researching/drooling over the next-best vegan recipe. When I’m not in school and have more brain power left over, I also love a good read!  


Hanna: “I am an adventure junkie. My favorite things to do in my free time are finding fun and exciting things to do! New hiking trail, brunch with friends, or checking out a nearby city are all things on my todo list. Exploring new places gives me a sense of purpose, and it is a great way to check out New England.  If i’m not up up for a big day, I’ll split a cab with friends and have brunch. Brunch is seriously the best thing. Or I’ll grab some friends have a picnic somewhere on campus. But sometimes I like to have lazy days contiating LOTS of hot chocolate and movies (The Crown on Netflix is kinda amazing). Overall, mini adventures are the best thing to take a break and remember the calmer things in life”

Julie: “If you find me curled up with a book I am hands down sure to be relaxed and destressed. Whether I’m getting comic relief from books like Amy Schumer’s The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo or getting a rush from a thrilling murder mystery like Girl on the Train, I am always able to find my happy place with a book. It’s a great way to take a break but also feel productive.”

Emily is currently a senior attending Connecticut College. She is a Biology and English double major. Her interests include community service, lazy days in bed watching movies and hanging out outdoors with friends. Like her interests, her taste in music and movies is all over the place. She has had an amazing four years here at Conn College so far, and is excited and nervous about being much closer to the REAL WORLD!
Julie is a junior at Connecticut College from Montclair, New Jersey studying dance and psychology. She loves to share her passion for food with friends and family and has been on a life long quest to find the world's best slice of pizza. In her free time, Julie enjoys yoga and hopes to one day become a certified yoga instructor. 
Danielle Kaplan is a senior from from Westwood, MA, studying economics and dance at Connecticut College. She is the in-house designer and Instagram contributor for Her Campus Conn Coll. In addition to Her Campus, Danielle spends most of her time rehearsing for several on-campus dance performances. Following graduation, she hopes to work for a non-profit organization related to incarceration and/or at-risk youth. But most of all, Danielle's true passions lie in avocados, dark chocolate, and cereal.
Kiely is a senior at Connecticut College. A dedicated Psychology Major and Elementary Education Certification Scholar, she enjoys playing club soccer, playing board games or hiking with friends in her spare time. She just completed her summer internship at an elder care law firm and studied abroad in Cork, Ireland last spring. Currently, she is student teaching.
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