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As we grow older we realize that coming home for the holidays aren’t always possible. Therefore, we have to create our own memories and dinner. While the Thanksgiving holiday seems to get overlooked by a lot of the bigger box office stores, it is still a holiday that can be sad if you are not with the family. 

No matter who you are spending the holiday with, you can think of the day as an opportunity to break out of the traditional family dinner and create your own with other friends that either are not or cannot go home for the holiday. Take the opportunity to try out great recipes which differ from the traditional family dinner such as rolled turkey breast with an apple pecan stuffing or a new side dish that could be cheap, easy, and fun to make. Explore Pinterest or Yummly for new, step-by-step recipes. 

Check out several recipes below:

These recipes are fun and easy to make and are great for a small gathering with friends. Special memories can also be made if you skip the cooking and go out to eat at a favorite restaurant. Remember: Thanksgiving does not have to be scary or sad when you are away from your family, and you do not have to do a whole big turkey the first time around! We wish you the best holiday and have fun with your own Thanksgiving!

Samantha is a sophomore. She is majoring in Classics with a minor in Art History. She is an avid fiction writer and you can always find her stuck in a good book.
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