Student Recipes: The Basics

It has been one month since I moved into an apartment on campus and began cooking for myself full time. All the stereotypes have proven to be true; pathetically empty cabinets, smoke alarms, and sometimes even rice for breakfast. Despite the initial bumps in the road, I have mastered a few key ‘recipes’ that are budget-friendly and would keep your mom happy. 

These three recipes all have very similar ingredients: vegetables, rice, cheese, garlic, and olive oil. As a student, I know these recipes are delicious, easy on the wallet, and incredibly Instagramable. 


If you have an oven, you can roast just about anything. Vegetables, meats, sauces etc! Cut up garlic and onion, and place whatever you want to roast into a pan and voila! You have a meal. My personal favorite combination is tomatoes, broccoli, squash, and walnuts. Place your roast over rice or a bed of salad and you will have a meal that nourishes your mind and fills your belly. 


Have no time to cook? Make one large soup a week and eliminate all meal prep from your week. A few weeks ago, I made homemade chicken soup while one of my roommates made mean black bean soup. You can make them with veggies, carbs, or meats. Made too much? Freeze them and save it for finals, or another time you don’t feel like cooking. Never underestimate the power of soup! 


When I come home after a busy week and want nothing but comfort? Quesadillas are my way to go. Start with onions, garlic, and peppers, and then mix in chicken, beans, salsa, hot pepper, and finally cheese! Other than tortilla and cheese, Quesadillas don’t have a set recipe, grab whatever vegetables are left in the fridge and mix them in.