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Staple Items You Need In Your College Closet

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Over the past four years I’ve accumulated so many clothing and accessory items I had no idea I needed for school when I started as a freshman. Looking back, I wish I had a list that spelled out, so here it is!

dress pants

Whether it’s a formal presentation or an interview, dress pants will come in handy for any business casual event you have to attend. Pair with a nice sweater or a button up top for a sophisticated look!

Inexpensive sneakers

If you’re a fan of going out, you should have a designated pair of shoes to wear to parties and bars. Find a cheap pair of sneakers or flats that you don’t mind getting dirty!

a rain coat (and maybe an umbrella)

Picture this: You wake up, check the weather, and it’s raining ALL DAY. Ugh! A raincoat and an umbrella are essential!

a fancy dress

This will come in handy if there’s a dance, formal event, or even performance! Try to keep it simple so you can accessorize to match the theme of whatever you’re attending.

simple pair of earrings

Keep a simple pair of earrings on hand like gold hoops or pearls! They go with everything and elevate even the most basic outfit.

a tote bag

College students are always on the go, but it’s annoying to lug your backpack around 24/7. Make sure you have a tote bag to use when you don’t need to bring everything with you!

a robe

A robe will be super useful, especially if you share a bathroom with other people or need to throw something on to leave your room in the middle of the night!


If you’re wearing a skirt or dress and want an extra layer to stay warm (or because you forgot to shave your legs) tights are your best friend! I recommend keeping a sheer pair of nude and black tights.

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Sophia Nadeau

Conn Coll '24

Sophia is a senior at Connecticut College; double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology, as well as minoring in Studio Art. She enjoys spending time with friends, painting, and singing in her free time!