Spring College Fashion 2018

The flowers are beginning to bloom, dotting the trees in colorful buds of fragrance. Nature is showing its warmer beauty, melting away the darkness and cold weather. Walking to classes always seemed to be a struggle as you ran out of your room slipping on a warm pair of boots and zipping up a heavy winter coat. With the arrival of springtime comes the blossoming of spring fashion, bringing with it vibrant patterns, diverse cuts, and vintage trends that cultivate class and elegance. Here are some spring fashion trends that can complement your college campus!



There are a variety of prints that have an air of beautiful timelessness that are highlighted within the modern world of fashion. Below are some of these classic prints.

  1. Gingham

Whether a shirt, dress, or pants, gingham print always adds a hint of sophistication to your wardrobe.


2. Pinstripes


Pinstripes are back! This pattern is slimming, and is a versatile fabric print. Pinstripes are going to be a popular print, most overwhelmingly for pants this spring and summer.

3. Floral

The admirable thing about floral prints is that the natural, earthy print will never go out of style.  Floral can be created in subdued pastel colors, or vibrant pops that can liven up your outfit. The variety of floral designs is also diverse with many graphics from simple designs, to extravagant and intricate illustrations.



The way in which clothing is designed, and the impact of the clothing, depends upon the cut of the fabric. In particular, it seems as though the fashion industry is playing around with some different necklines for spring fashion this year.

1. Off-the-Shoulder

This style will always be a go-to elegant look, which has been used for decades. This style can exhibit a classy taste, and also glamorous fashion statements. 


2. Square Neckline

This sought-after style appears to be most popular with dresses and crop-tops. This adds the perfect spring sharpness to your clothes. 


3. Cold-Shoulder

The cold-shoulder style provides for a subtle, sexy look. This style is versatile, and the cut can be found in both shirts and sweaters.


4. Bows/Ties

Adding a little bow or tie can greatly impact outfits. Bows and ties add just the little cute, flirtatious accent your wardrobe needs for this spring.



  1. Ripped and Cuffed

Rips are all the rage for denim nowadays. Better yet, cuff up your jeans for an edgy twist to complement the rest of your outfit.


2. Patchwork/Deconstructed Two-Tone

The more mix-matched your jeans are, the better. Two-tone jeans with visible seams are très haute right now in the fashion industry. The more seams and patches you have on your denim, the more intricate your outfit can become. Bonus if the ankles of your jeans are jaggedly cut.



1. Sneakers

A simple sneaker can go a long way for your outfit. Sneakers provide the comfort your feet need when walking to classes all day long, and provide you with stylish athleticism.


2. Espadrilles

This style of shoe adds a European flare to your shoe collection. Espadrilles will be the perfect sandal shoes for your outdoor spring adventures.