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Snapshots of Spring at Conn

Is it too early to reminisce about this past year?! With the year coming to a fast close, even with the looming stress of finals, it’s hard not to reflect on how lucky we are to be on such an amazing campus. Everyone knows how beautiful Conn’s campus is throughout the four seasons. From building snowmen in front of your dorm during the winter, to sunbathing on Tempel green when the weather is warm, everyone seems to take advantage of the beautiful campus we get to live on eight months of the year. Below are some snapshots of Conn during the spring as well as many of the exciting events that take place on campus during the spring each year.


Tempel Green on a sunny day:

Make sure to take advantage of our last days on campus/take a break from studying for finals to enjoy the nice weather outside!


Flowers are in bloom in front of KB, Palmer, and the new Shain Library!

This past March was Conn’s annual TedxConference!

Some other exciting events that happened during this spring at Conn, included Eclipse and Floralia!



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