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Smart Packing for Thanksgiving Break Festivities

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner and amidst all of the assignments due before you leave campus, it can be tough to find the time to logically pack your suitcase. To avoid throwing a random assortment of clothes into one bag in a frenzy, we have created a list for you to refer to that will hopefully ease the process of packing up and leaving!


Even though the last thing you feel like doing is studying during vacation, it’s always a smart idea to bring some school work home with you so that when you return to campus, you aren’t completely overwhelmed by the fast approaching finals period. A plate of leftovers or a spot in front of the fireplace make studying a lot more enjoyable than being at a desk in the library!

While it’s always great to spend the holiday with family, Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to reconnect with old friends, especially if your house is hectic with company and visiting family. Take a look at our fashion blog featuring Conn College students for some inspiration for some cute outfits to wear when you’re out with friends!

For the featured event, involving catching up with family, feasting, and  answering a lot of questions about your future, wear something comfortable, but festive to celebrate Thanksgiving in! If you’ll be attending multiple Thanksgiving celebrations, be sure to bring a warm jacket and a colorful and cozy scarf to fight the November chill. While a dress with boots is a great option, below is an idea for a more casual get-together that channels the seasonal colors perfectly.

With all of the delicious food that you will be sure to indulge in, make some time to get outside for some exercise. Whether it’s a walk with your dog or ice skating with friends if the weather permits, be sure to pack some warm workout clothes!

If you plan on tackling Black Friday to buy gifts, but also to add to your own wardrobe, bring some clothes home to make room in your closet at school. Plus, with the holiday season approaching, there are always opportunities to donate gently used clothing.

Enjoy the holiday!


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