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Senior Week is a week-long celebration for the senior class to celebrate their upcoming graduation! Paying homage to this year’s Class of 2016, here are some photos from their week-long celebration.


                                                                                                                                Courtesy of Helen Rolfe’16


Courtesy of Anna Glidden ’16



Courtesy of Bae Yung Kim ’16

Courtesy of Danping Yi’ 16


Courtesy of Meghan Olt ’16


Courtesy of Carla Menezes ’16


Courtesy of Alexis Cheney’16


Congrats to the Class of 2016! You did it!


Hallie is a Junior who enjoys writing for Conn Coll’s Her Campus chapter! Not only does she love the fact that she shares the same initials as Her Campus (HCXO!), but she loves being part of the Her Campus Conn Coll community, as well as having the opportunity of integrating her passion for photography, journalism, and pop culture throughout her posts. She is currently on the executive board of Her Campus Conn Coll and manages the twitter account.
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