Revamp Your Dorm Room!!

Do you find that you have a lot of free time with all these fantastic delays and snow days? Use this newly acquired time to revamp your dorm room! It’s never too early for a little spring-cleaning or redecorating and you can use your free time over spring break to get crafty with some fun DIY projects to bring back to school!  We have come up with a few dorm room décor ideas from girls around campus to help you revamp your room! 

  1. Make the most of your under-the-bed storage: Whether your bed is or isn’t lofted, you have plenty of space to organize some of your necessities. This will de-clutter the rest of your room and leave you feeling as organized as ever.
  2. Personalize your space: put up pictures of your friends and family on the walls to take up some of that blank wall space and make your room feel homier. Here’s a great website that allows you to print your Instagram photos into posters, giving you a perfect solution for a dreary room!
  3. Clean out your desk drawers: By effectively using the space in your desk drawers you can clear off the top of your desk for an ample amount of work space. Make sure you use your desk drawers to the best of your ability by organizing them with smaller containers or drawer separators.
  4. Make a DIY monogram: With supplies from any nearby art store, you can create a do-it-yourself monogram. Pick a canvas of any size, paint colors to match your bedding, add some painters tape for ultra clean lines, and away you go!
  5. Organize your closet: We all know how important our clothes are! Make yourself excited to get ready in the morning by organizing your closet. With felt hangers that will ensure no slippage of your favorite shirts and a shoe rack that will give you easy access to all your essential shoes, you can cut the time of your morning routine by half!
  6. Invest in a tissue paper garland: These bright and cheery tissue paper garlands will give any dull corner of your room an instant pick-me-up. Whether you buy one from this Etsy website, or attempt to DIY by buying your own tissue paper, this is a great way to spruce up your space.
  7. Dress up your bed: Throw pillows offer a cheap and easy way to change up your room.  Head over to the nearest Target and pick out a few pretty pillows for an instant dorm décor boost.
  8. Add Christmas lights into the mix: Not only will Christmas lights literally brighten your room, they will also brighten your mood during these long winter months. For more tips on how to avoid the winter blues check out this great Her Campus Conn Coll article!

Happy decorating!