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Harris is Conn Coll’s main dining hall on campus and each night they have different feature dinners. Some of our members took a few minutes to share with you our favorite meals! 


Emily Moran 

  1. Taco Night 
  2. Salad/Wing Night 
  3. Potato Skins 
  4. Chicken Stir Fry
  5. (Can’t think of my last favorite) 


Hanna Bobrowicz

  1. Quesadilla (Adding your veggies is the best)

  2. Lentils and rice!  

  3. Vegetable pesto pasta

  4. Linguine Pasta (Lactose intolerant me cries)

  5. Broccoli with chili paste???


Hannah Sawyer

  1. Vegetable Lo Mein

  2. Pizza (veggie or cheese)

  3. Jasmine Rice w/ soy sauce

  4. cilantro night


Erin Whitcomb

  1. Potato Skins

  2. Quesadilla

  3. Tacos

  4. Cilantro night


Carolyn Cross

  1. Vegan Night

  2. Quesadilla

  3. Pasta with red pepper cream sauce

  4. Caesar Salad pizza



Emily is currently a senior attending Connecticut College. She is a Biology and English double major. Her interests include community service, lazy days in bed watching movies and hanging out outdoors with friends. Like her interests, her taste in music and movies is all over the place. She has had an amazing four years here at Conn College so far, and is excited and nervous about being much closer to the REAL WORLD!
Carolyn Cross is a junior at Connecticut College and is excited to be the Campus Correspondent for the fall! She is a Sociology major and a Psychology minor. She also plays club soccer and is in Habitat for Humanity at Conn.
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