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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

Poshmark is an online retail site for new and used clothing, accessories, and housewares. Similar to Ebay, sellers post photos and descriptions of their item and buyers can choose to make an offer or buy it now. With a helpful comment section on each item and sharing features, buying and selling your unwanted items is easier than ever. Here are four items every college student should post to Poshmark ASAP. 

Prom Dresses

Currently, I have five prom dresses sitting in my closet. Although I have an emotional attachment to two of them, the other three are listed on Poshmark. Not only will I get money for a dress I may never wear again, but a high school student will be able to wear the dress of her dreams at a discounted price. When listing a prom dress, it is important to know the size, style number, and all of the alterations that were made to the dress. 

Pro Tip: Make sure your dress has been dry cleaned since the last time it was worn and correctly stored in a garment bag.  



Luxury bags are always a high commodity on Poshmark. I’ve listed bags from Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Brahmin that I simply haven’t used in a while or that have gone out of style. Bags that are offered at a lower price than the outlet stores tend to sell very quickly. With bags, the style name and measurements are crucial to your listing. 

Pro tip: If the bag has any pen stains or dirt, bring it to your local dry cleaner and see what stains they can remove. Similar to the prom dresses, if the bag came with a protective sleeve, include that in the listing. 


College Gear

Are you a transfer student, or a graduate with a lack of school spirit? The college sweatshirts, t-shirts, or backpacks that you still have are perfect for incoming students. Have any custom apparel like lace-up sweatshirts or crop tops? These items are perfect for Poshmark. With a small product pond, the demand for your items will be high, getting your unwanted items out of your closet fast. 

Pro tip: The best time to list these is right around May 1st, decision day, or right before the beginning of the school year. Make sure to continuously share these items during these seasons. 


Final Sale Items

I get sucked into buying final sale items all the time. When these items don’t work out for one reason or another, sell them on Poshmark. With the tags still attached and items unworn, buyers will jump at the opportunity for a brand-new item. Even though you probably won’t get all of the money that you spent on the item, you will make some of the money back which is better than losing out. 

Pro tip: If the item doesn’t fit you, have a friend model it for the photo. It is always better for your listing to see the item on someone, even if that someone isn’t you. 


I am a sophomore at Connecticut College studying sociology in hopes of becoming a journalist/activist.
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