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We all know a person (or are the person) who has frequent cravings for a sweet cocoa fix. Here is a list of the best chocolate beauty products for all the glamorous chocolate lovers out there!


1. Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette – Too Faced

The first brand that produces many chocolate-themed products is Too Faced. This makeup is unique because it is not only packaged to resemble a chocolate bar, but it also smells like cocoa. There are many variations of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette, and a whole array of shimmery chocolate colors to devour.


2. White/Dark Chocolate Chip Palette – Too Faced

3. Cocoa Powder Foundation – Too Faced


4. Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer – Too Faced

5. Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette – Beauty Bakerie

With cute coffee names and earthy shades, the coffee and cocoa bronzer palette is sure to give you a sweet makeover. With sugary satin finishes, this fun palette will leave the chocolate-lover looking flawless, and provide a daily portion of cocoa and coffee.



6. Les Chocolats Scented Liquid Lipstick – L’Oréal Paris

The next product, which has been a relatively new release in the beauty market, is L’Oréal Paris scented liquid lipstick. This product delicately melts onto your lips, and is the best way to indulge in the silky essence of chocolate throughout your day.


7. Limited Edition Sugar Chocolate Hydrating Lip Balm – Fresh

The next chocolate lip product is from the beauty brand, Fresh. The chocolate hydrating lip balm delicately coats your lips with a moisturizing layer of smooth, chocolate fudge cream. It will leave your lips glowing and luscious, but hurry up and buy this delectable beauty product because it is a limited edition lip balm!


8. Chocolate Vanilla Body Cream – Perlier

This Italian skincare beauty product lusciously wraps you in a hydrating layer of creamy chocolate and vanilla. The cream not only smells like chocolate, but actually contains cacao seed butter as an ingredient. Who knew chocolate could be so good for your soul AND your skin?

9. Chocolate Vault Makeup Set – I Heart Revolution

This last chocolate makeup product is an elaborate display of chocolate heaven. It contains eyeshadow palettes and three lip-glosses. Other flavors that mingle with chocolate within this kit are: caramel, strawberry, cranberry, lemon, and marshmallow. If you are looking for a sugar rush and some irresistible silky flavors to sweeten up your makeup look, this is the way to go.





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