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Lily Clemens ‘27:

My favorite Halloween movie of all time has to be Coraline. When I was very young, this was in my top three, and most of my peers found this to be very disturbing. It was scary, but also so interesting that every time you rewatch you notice a new intentional detail that you missed previously. It also has one of the most compelling villains of all time: the Beldam. A woman who lures children into her dimension and shape shifts the universe into their desires with some sort of fate or predestined aspect always intrigued me. This makes it my top Halloween movie to force my friends to watch.  

Catherine Gwinnett ‘24:

To be totally honest, I do not watch Halloween movies. Not only am I easily scared and prone to nightmares, but I usually just get tunnel vision in the middle of the semester and forget about the fact that the holiday even exists. With that being said, the only Halloween movie I have ever watched (and therefore my favorite Halloween movie) is Girl vs. Monster, produced by the Disney Channel. Featuring Olivia Holt, the story outlines her journey to recapture a monster she accidentally released into the world. The audience must ask the questions: can she face her anxiety and fears in recovering this monster before it harms her parents? Can she do all this while navigating a rivalry with a mean-girl from class and a flirtation with the high-school hottie? Spoiler alert: Yes, yes she can. And she can also end her night with a killer duet of “Had Me At Hello” with her recently won-over boyfriend at a Halloween party. I haven’t seen this movie in at least eight years, so I could be totally wrong about anything I previously stated, but that is just all the more reason for you to watch! 

Lara Beckius ‘24:

Last time Her Campus Conn Coll wrote about our favorite Halloween movies… way back in 2021, I chose to dive deep into my love of The Nightmare Before Christmas. While I stand by the fact that this Tim Burton classic reigns supreme for the holiday season, this year, I have to give some Halloween credit to one of my favorite movies of all time: Men in Black. I love everything about this movie, from the clever plot and spooky soundtrack to the ‘90s effects— especially those little aliens in the coffee break room—I love them. I’ll put this movie on any time of year, but the vibes are especially strong during the spooky season. And, luckily, the original movie is part of a trilogy, with each movie arguably as good as the last. My good friend, Catherine, has never seen Men in Black before, so I know what we’ll be doing this Tuesday, Halloween. Of course, I’m always willing to put on Girl vs. Monster, as well. 

Lara is a senior at Connecticut College, where she is pursuing a double major in environmental studies and economics with a minor in dance. Her interests include choreography, sustainability, the performing arts, and conservation.
Hello! My name is Catherine (she/her) and I am a Classical Languages and Art History major at Connecticut College. I am also completing a Museum Studies Certificate Program here. I work as a curatorial and archival intern at the New London County Historical Society, and I love visiting museums and spending time around good (and bad) art.