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New SGA Vice President and Chief of Finance: Brian Gooch and Benedikt Gottwald

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

This week’s campus celebs, Brian Gooch (former Campus Cutie) and Benedikt Gottwald will be taking over the positions of Vice President and Chief of Finance for the Student Government Association (SGA) next semester. The current VP, Evert Fowle, and Chief of Finance, William Hardy, are leaving to study abroad for the semester. Both Benedikt and Brian have SGA experience. Her Campus caught up with them to see what types of changes they’re anticipating in SGA next semester and how they plan to go about continuting the impressive work Evert and William have done. 

Brian Gooch(left)                                       Benedikt Gottwald(right)
Class year: 2013                                         Class year: 2015
Hometown: Columbia, NH                    Hometown: Munich, Germany
Major: International Relations                Major: International Relations and Economics


1. What qualifies you for this position?

Brian: I have been actively involved in SGA since sophomore year, when I was a senator for JA.  I served on lots of committees and oversaw the club process change.  This year I’ve served as the Parliamentarian, so I’m very familiar with the inner workings of SGA.

Benedikt: I think I have a lot of experience. But even if I don’t, you’re stuck with me now.

2. What of Evert and William’s work do you hope to continue? What new things are you going to bring to the position?

Brian: I think Evert’s vandalism campaign is a very important issue.  I also plan on looking at the club process and seeing if we can improve anything on that front.  Overall, I want to be a voice for any complaints students have.

Benedikt: I hope to continue his impeccable sense of style and his effort to rock the most inspiring tie-shirt combinations.

3. What are your goals for your work in SGA in the upcoming semester?

Brian: Continuing Evert’s work is obviously important.  I also really want to focus on increasing communication between the students and administration.  Basically, I want to do what I can to institute changes students desire to see on campus.

Benedikt: Will has kicked off a fantastic discussion about the duties of the finance committee. I hope to continue this and leave behind a strong committee.

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