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I am a HUGE fan of ice cream: my grandparents have a full photo album of me eating the same Dairy Queen dipped cone from ages 2 to 18, I was taste tester for my local ice cream shop, and I once had 16 different pints of ice cream in lieu of my birthday cake. After moving from Seattle, Washington to New London, Connecticut for college, I’ve relied less on ice cream shops and more on the grocery store for my ice cream fix. After trying a multitude of flavors, here are my top 5 grocery store ice cream picks! 

 Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip 

If you’re a fan of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, you’ll love Talenti’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. It delivers a similar tart and chocolate combo to Cherry Garcia but elevated with its strong and sweet raspberry ice cream. Plus, empty Talenti ice cream containers are so convenient to reuse with their twist off lids. 

 Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Latte Popsicles 

Want a fun way to get your caffeine? Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Latte Popsicles does just that, and in the form of a dessert! While not technically ice cream, popsicles are great in that they require no bowls or utensils to enjoy, making for a delicious and portable treat. 

Tillamook Hazelnut and Salted Caramel

Tillamook ice cream is a little more difficult to find on the East Coast with the company itself being based in Oregon, but it is so worth looking for! Tillamook has unique flavors, like Marionberry Pie and Mountain Huckleberry, but my most favorite flavor of theirs is Oregon Hazelnut & Salted Caramel. The nuttiness of the hazelnut ice cream just pairs so well with the salty-sweetness of the caramel, making it one of my favorite ice creams of all time. 

Ben and Jerry’s Oat of this Swirled 

Oatmeal cookies tend to get outshined by chocolate chip cookies, but not in this ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s puts oatmeal cookies in the spotlight with the complimentary additions of brown sugar and fudge. I find this ice cream reminds me of home with its warm flavors, which is especially comforting in college. 

Jeni’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake

When I’m really looking to splurge and treat myself, Jeni’s ice cream is my go-to! I’m typically able to find a wide variety of Jeni’s ice cream flavors at Whole Foods and my favorite flavor so far is Pineapple Upside Down Cake, a pineapple ice cream with yellow cake, caramel, and red cherry. The pineapple ice cream base reminds me of Dole Whip, another hard-to-find ice cream! 

As we transition out of the cold of winter into warmer weather, I hope you get a chance to try some of my favorite ice creams! 

Kendall Foley

Conn Coll '24

Kendall Foley is a sophomore at Connecticut College majoring in Philosophy and pursuing a Pathway in Data, Information, and Society. At Conn, Kendall plays for the women's water polo team and is an intern in the Office of Student Accessibility Services. In her free time, you can find Kendall open-water swimming, baking, or spending time with her family.
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