My Sunday Scaries

Image from the first “Sunday Scaries” article I read on Man Repeller: “How I Avoided Sunday Scaries Last Week: A Detailed Account” by Haley Nahman.


I must give credit where credit is due (especially to avoid any plagiarism charges) to explain the premise of this article.The fashion and lifestyle website Man Repeller, has launched “Sunday Scaries,” a platform for various members of the Man Repeller team to share their schedule on Sunday so that we all may support each other during the Sunday Scaries. I thoroughly enjoy these articles as not only are they entertaining (and well written), but there is satisfaction that comes with reading a person’s schedule. I don’t know if that makes me a stalker or not, but it reduces my stress so let’s ignore that possibility. Due to my affinity for this article format, I have decided to adopt it for this article, although I will provide as a disclaimer that you should really read Man Repeller’s version (and their amazing website in general) as my Sunday Scaries are definitely not as epic as the Man Repeller team.

12:45 AM  

I arrived home from seeing A Star Is Born at the Regal Waterford 9 Movie Theater. After reading the article in Vogue “Lady Gaga Opens Up About A Star Is Born, MeToo, and a Decade in Pop,” I was determined to view this film and boy did it have an emotional effect on me. A Star Is Born directed by Bradley Cooper, is the third remake of this film and follows the story of Ally, an extremely talented singer who is discovered by Jackson Maine, a famous country singer. From there, their friendship turns romantic as their music talents blend together. This inspirational film incorporates so many relevant messages in today’s social climate from beauty expectations, mental illness, alcoholism, and unconditional love.

1:00 AM (12:00 AM? Fall Back always messes with my head)

After getting washed, I complete my nightly stretch routine (another article idea perhaps), catch up on social media, check in on my farm via the app “Hay Day” (a great stress-relieving passtime if I do say so myself), and read. I just started Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

9:00 AM

I am abruptly awoken to my alarm (and I truly mean abrupt as the beginning of “Brighter than the Sun” by Colbie Caillat startles my unconscious self in the morning so much that I actually jump up a bit). I get up, change my sheets and put in a load of laundry and then proceed to complete my morning stretches (by now you can tell that stretching is very important to me - need to stay flexy!).


9:30 AM

I roll out my yoga mat onto the floor and chose a video from “Yoga With Adriene’s” YouTube account. If you are looking for a quick (and relaxing) way to incorporate some physical activity into your schedule, “Yoga With Adriene” is a great option. This morning, I chose the video “Yoga for Self Discipline.”

10:15 AM

I made myself a fantastic oatmeal combination in my room via a teal kettle. I prefer the brand “Bob’s Red Mill.” This morning I made the “Brown Sugar & Maple” flavor and topped it with strawberries, raspberries, various dried fruits from Trader Joe’s, and pumpkin spice flavoured granola. I downed it in approximately 3 minutes as I was starving from yoga.

11:15 AM

After getting dressed and starting my homework, I moseyed my way to Ruane’s Den at Coffee Closet and ordered my classic: an iced Bee’s Knees with oat milk. If you are reading this and are a student at Connecticut College, please do yourself a favor and order this drink (cold or hot) - trust me it will brighten your day.

12:15 PM

I make my way down to Shain library to work on homework (and work on this article).

1:00 PM

I met up with friends for lunch at Harris and created a lunch designed for an eight-year old, but it was delicious all the same: multigrain bread with (smooth) peanut butter, raspberry jelly, and peanuts to jazz it up with (baby) carrots, a green apple, and a blueberry muffin on the side. It feels nice to be a child again! But seriously, as I posted to my story on my food instagram (@healthy_eclair): nothing helps cure your Sunday Scaries like a child’s meal!

4:20 PM

My mom came to visit me at Conn so I dragged her to Shop Rite so that she can use her money to buy my food #brokecollegestudenthacks. I purchased all the (white girl) necessities: various fruits, kombucha, and yogurt.

5:05 PM

We then proceeded towards Mystic to walk around the center of town before going out to eat. My classic stops are The Tea and Spice Exchange and Bank Square books. I mom bought tuscan chicken seasoning and oregano, but I restrained myself from buying tea and a new book.

5:30 PM

Pro tip: if you are bringing your friends or family to the Engine Room in Mystic, you should ALWAYS make a reservation even if you think it won’t be necessary. Hence the early dinner. I ordered - per usual - the mushroom mae burger medium well...throw the hate.

6:50 PM

To part ways my mom and I each had a dark chocolate Kit Kat, which by the way are the best flavor of Kit Kat bars. Break time anytime!

7:30 PM

I attended a Her Campus meeting (during which I pitched my idea for this article).

8:00 PM

Next up: a biweekly meeting for The College Voice, Connecticut College’s student newspaper.

8:50 PM

Scrambled into the shower, carefully avoided odd stains and hair (hopefully) bits scattered among the walls (the bathrooms have seen better days).

9:07 PM

Dig into my Halloween candy stash (again). This time I went for a pumpkin Reeses and a Crunch bar. The picture of health! Hey, it’s the holiday season so it doesn’t count.

9:15 PM

Homework time! This is, afterall, the Sunday Scaries of a college student.

10:21 PM

Finally call it quits and throw myself onto my bed, open the Netflix tab on my laptop, and fall into the rabbit hole that is Instagram. I am currently watching the Netflix original, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Still unsure of how I feel about this series and still unsure whether I will see it through to the end. What I am sure of is that I am very annoyed that Salam the cat is not a prominent character (he was my favorite character on the original show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch).

11:20 PM

NOW it’s really quits as I crawl into bed, not sure if I am mentally prepared for the week ahead, but ready for it all the same.